Excluding women and children from education has negative impact on the nation's economic development, says the Vice Chancellor of the Crescent University, Abeokuta, Prof. Ibraheem Gbajabiamila.

Delivering a lecture entitled: ‘Girl-child Education and National Development', in Lagos, Gbajabiamila said girl-child education is a veritable tool for developing the society.

"Systematic exclusion of girls and women from schools and the labour force translates into a less educated work force, inefficient allocation of labour, lost productivity and consequently diminished progress in economic development," he said.

Noting that the university has graduated more female than male first class graduates, Gbajabiamila said it was regrettable that Nigerian children of school age, especially girls, are seen hawking instead of getting an education.

He added that girls' education is a strategic development investment that benefits, not only the girls themselves, but their children, communities and the society at large.

Gbajabiamila also said the MDG target of 2020 may elude Nigeria.

Crescent University is the pioneer Islamic university in Nigeria.