For some time now, studies have shown that more and more young people in America are abandoning not just Christianity but religion in general.

Churches like  Baptists, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and even the , giving and attendance is down.

A new report by the Public Religion Research Institute has finally discovered exactly why this is happening. Here is why millennials are leaving religion.

Singleness over marriage

These days, millennials are not as concerned with tying the knot as the older generation. The delay in marriage and more adults choosing to remain single has caused a rapid decline in church attendance rates.

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Fewer children

Studies have shown that people with kids are more likely to be more religious than people without children. According to Religion News, fertility is on a steady decline in America. This decline is negatively affecting the church.

No religious affiliation

Nowadays, there is an increase in something called "nones." These are people who are neither Christians, Muslims, Jews or even atheists. These people simply refuse to side with any religious group.

Interestingly, these nones are increasing as more people are refusing to be affiliated with any religion. Reportedly, four in 10 young millennials (18–29) now identify as "nones," which is four times what it was in the '80s.

This definitely explains the increase in the number of people who are leaving the church.

In related news,  LifeWay Research has released new research that has shown that the theology is the number one reason why people choose to stay or leave their churches.

"Mess with the music and people may grumble. Mess with theology and they're out the door," explained Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research.

Guess, pastors, and preachers in general really have to work harder on their teachings.