Many years ago, Jesus Christ came on earth. During his time, he turned water to wine, cured a leper, removed demons and so many incredible miracles.

In his absence, Christianity was born and with it, came Men of God who have also performed some miracles in His name.

Some have succeeded in converting many souls with their divine acts, while others have only managed to mock the Christian religion.

I think it is safe to say that South African pastors fall into these second category with their 'miracles.'

With miracles like turning snakes to chocolate, turning petrol to wine, this 'Men of God' make a mockery of our religion.

Here are 10 times South African pastors embarrassed Christianity and make me want to change my religion.

1. Pastor Lesego Daniel walks on his members: In 2014, controversial South African pastor held a ‘deliverance session’, where he walked all over some of his church members, while the rest of the congregation looked on.

2. Pastor Aphiwe Ngevu preaches from a coffin: This South African pastor succeeded in scaring children with this method in 2015.

3. Pastor Lesego Daniel prays gay spirit into a young man: Controversial South African pastor claims to have put a gay spirit into a young man in order to prove that he is a 'true' Man of God in 2015.

4. Pastor Penuel Mnguni orders female members to strip, walks over them during deliverance: End Times Disciples Ministries South African pastor held a strange deliverance session. There, he ordered some female members to strip, while he removed 'evil spirits' by sitting or walking over their naked bodies.

5. Pastor Mpho Moletsane sleeps with married women to remove sinful lust and thoughts: South African pastor made the news for sleeping with married women in order to cast out demons. This insane method eventually got him expelled from his church.

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6. Prophet Paseka Motsoeneng blesses people’s underwear: In April, 2016, South African pastor of the Incredible Happenings ministries revealed that he blesses people's underwear. According to him, he does it to transfer anointing. “So instead of laying my hands, I speak the underwear. We call it tranferation of anointing, I speak the word of God into the underwear and the power of God gets in, “ he said in an interview with Jacaranda FM. This is the same person that claims to have visited heaven, took selfies with Jesus Christ’s wife, who is black.

7. Pastor Penuel drives over church members with his car: In June, 2016, South African pastor asked some of his followers to lie on the ground, and then drove his car over them.

8. Pastor Penuel Mnguni orders a lady to enter a deep refrigerator, locks her in for 30minutes: South African prophet aka the ‘Snake Pastor’ shocked everyone when he locked a lady in a deep freezer. "Inside the deep refrigerator was very hot and she didn't feel any coldness of the ice in the deep freezer," he said.

9. Pastor Penuel turns pieces of cloth to food: July, 2016 saw the ‘Snake Pastor’ praying over some pieces of clothes, 'turns' them to food for his church members. According to him, he was led by the Spirit of God to perform this miracle.

10. Prophet Lethebo Rabalago uses Doom insecticide to 'heal' cancer, HIV: Pastor uses “Doom” insect killer on affected body parts of his church members. “Some people came with injuries but we sprayed them and they were healed. No one inspired me. I just believe in God for anything. Everything here on Earth belongs to God. Petrol belongs to God. Doom belongs to God," he told the Times Live website.

Can you believe these pastors perform these miracles in God's name?