The thought patterns that hinder you from attracting money and how you can overcome them

You can be as rich as you want in this life no matter your family background, academic qualifications or race.

Have you ever had an experience where you were looking for your car keys everywhere, and all the while you were searching for it, it was in your hand?

That is the way most people go about looking for money and blaming the economy or everyone else for their inability to acquire it.

You have the power to achieve your desires, earn more money and become whoever or whatever you want in life.

The universe will obediently deliver to you, the thoughts that you consistently ponder on, and project.

Money is a concept created by governments to keep you fixated on acquiring it, for the purpose of exchange of goods and services.

We have all spent precious time chasing after money, instead of creating it. Everyone has in them, the ability to generate money.

The purpose of this teaching is not to talk about savings, bonds etc. which are all good forms of investment, but to help you clear every hindrance to achieving your financial desires.

There is enough money in the universe for everyone who dares to place his or her order.

No matter the amount of money you have, you will always spend it till it gets to the amount that your mid is comfortable with. Most people blame it on bad investments. I disagree.

Here is how the universe works. When you project a feeling of lack, loss, shortage or fear about money, no matter how much you have, you open the door for the wind to blow it away.

When you use money to oppress and intimidate people, the cry and projections of sorrow from those whom you have hurt, also opens the door for it to leak.

Legitimate reasons will show up on your radar and cause you to spend that money, or invest it in a business that will go wrong. It can even be taken away by armed robbers.

Employers please don’t deliberately owe your staff, when you have the money to pay their salaries. The universe acts in favour of the oppressed one who cries out for help. Always!

Most people are so scared to imagine themselves owning a million dollars, not to talk of spending it. They unconsciously negate that thought and push it away.

Your mind accepts as your default state, the thoughts you project about money, no matter how well packaged you look externally. We have a lot of poor, well dressed people walking around today.

Right now, I am not talking about how to attract money to yourself, which is good, but let us deal with the issues that will inhibit your projections.

1- How do you feel when your colleague gets a raise and you don’t?

2- How do you feel when your close friend starts enjoying financial increase?

3- How do you feel when your friend, colleague or family member buys a new car, clothe, phone or something you desire to get?

4- What do you say about rich people?

5- What thought runs through your mind when you see a rich person drive past you in his or her car or flaunt his wealth?

6- Are you always scared that your money is going down?

7- Does the price tag scare you or send a signal to your mind that that dress or shoe is above your league?

8- How do you feel when you seemingly don’t have any money to spend?

The negative feeling(s) that any or all of these questions stir(s) up in you is the high wall between you and the achievement of your money dream, no matter how much you struggle to acquire.

If you have the opportunity to hear of, or be around anyone who is celebrating for whatever reason, it is the universe giving you an avenue to sow thoughts of joy, happiness, gratitude so you can reap yours.

Instead, what most people do is to block out the opportunity with their negative feelings of envy, hatred or jealousy, thereby unconsciously telling the universe that this kind of new stuff or financial increase makes me unhappy or upset.

You should constantly project thoughts of wealth and financial increase towards your friends and colleagues.

Also look out for opportunities to help people who have financial challenges in your own little way.

Get rid of every negative feeling that comes up when someone close to you gets a financial increase and/or makes progress before you.

Just because they are moving forward does not mean you are not. Success is relative, because it is based on individual goals and not general curriculum.

This is not a money management talk, but you should contact your bank for investment opportunities (preferably open ended) that will enable you build wealth.

Having or attracting money and knowing how to multiply it through various investment vehicles is wisdom.

Remember! An assumption, though false, if sustained, soon becomes hard fact.

Thank you for finding time to read this article.


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