A 30-year-old man, Chukwukezi Afonogu, who claimed to be an evangelist has been arrested by officers attached to the Enugu State Police Command over the fatal shooting of his father.

According to The Sun, Chukwukezi had shot his aged father, 65-year-old Judge Afonogu with a gun.

The suspect allegedly confessed he committed the horrible act because his father had purport­edly called him a ‘mad boy’ during a quarrel; the insult had enraged him so much he shot his old man.

Narrating the incident, the Enugu State Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Adamu,  said the incident happened at 3pm on Au­gust 25, 2014 in Enugu-Inyi, Oji River Local Government Area, of the State.

The commissioner said the suspect had been having frequent quarrels with his father.

On the day of the incident, in the middle of an­other altercation, Afonogu allegedly re­trieved his gun from his room, came out into the family compound and shot his father where he was seated and resting under a tree in the afternoon.

Recounting to newsmen how the tragic incident occurred, Afonogu  said: “

Mr Adamu disclosed that the mother of the suspect, Anthonia Afonogu had bailed upon hearing her son had killed his father.

Youths in the community eventually caught up with the suspect after a 4-day manhunt for him, when they realised he had killed his father and ran away. He was beaten severely by the youths before he was handed over to the police at the Oji River Police Station.

The police gave assurance that the suspect would be charged to court soon.