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Do not neglect your prayers

In the Quran, the Messenger stresses the importance of prayer, also known as Salat.

He says, "Oh Abu Dharr! Surely, so long as you are in Salat, you are knocking on the door of the Great King, and whoever knocks much on the door of the King it will be opened for him."

On another occasion, he also adds, "Oh Abu Dharr! Allah…has made me to love Salat like food is made loveable to the hungry and water to the thirsty. And surely the hungry one, when he eats, he is satiated and the thirsty one, when he drinks he is quenched but I am not satiated from Salat."

Focus on spiritual things over material assets

The Prophet says: "Oh Abu Dharr! Love of wealth and honor are stronger in stripping a man of his religion than two ferocious wolves in a cattle pen of sheep; so they attack in it until morning. So what will remain of it? So I said, "Oh Messenger of Allah (S), the fearful humble lowly people who remember Allah much, will they be the first among mankind to go to heaven?" So he said, "No. But it will be the poor among the Muslims. They will come outstripping the necks of mankind. The Keepers of Heaven will say to them, "Like that you are until you are accounted of!" So they will say, "About what shall we be accounted for, for by Allah we didn't own anything by which we could oppress or do justice and we weren't given (wealth) so we could withhold or give (to others) but we worshipped our Lord until He called us so we answered."

He adds, "Oh Abu Dharr! This world is the prison of the believer and the paradise of the unbeliever."

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Be grateful and thankful for your health and life

"Oh Abu Dharr! Take advantage of five things before five things seize you; Your youth before Your old age, your health before your sickness, Your wealth before your poverty, your spare time before your being busy and your life before your death," the Prophet advises.

Never dismiss your sin

The Prophet warns Muslims to never forget the significance or consequence of sins, no matter how small it may seem.

In his words, "Oh Abu Dharr! Don't look at the smallness of the sin but look at the one you disobeyed."

He also says, "Surely the believer sees his sin as if it is a boulder, he fears that it will fall on him and surely the unbeliever sees his sin as if it is a fly passing on his nose. Oh, Abu Dharr! Surely Allah (s), when He wills good for a servant he puts his sins before his two eyes. When he wills bad for a servant he makes him forget his sins."

Be time conscious

In a world filled with distractions like social media, TV programmes, it can be easy to procrastinate and mismanage time. The Messenger warns against these by saying the following;

"Oh Abu Dharr! Beware of Procrastination for you are (in) today and not (in) tomorrow. If there is a tomorrow for you, be tomorrow as you are today. If there isn't a tomorrow for you, you will grievously regret the opportunity you missed today."

"And know that in you are two (dangerous) qualities; laughing at something not amusing and laziness when not tired."

"Oh Abu Dharr! When you wake up in the morning don't talk to yourself about tonight and when night has come don't worry of the morning for surely you don't know what your state will be tomorrow."