Digital sector in focus: Best Last Mile Logistics Service

Pulse Pick: Kwik Delivery

Today’s #PulseDigitalPicks is about last mile logistic services, with our spotlight settling on Kwik Delivery, a service by African Delivery Technologies, a French-Nigerian tech startup.

Kwik are the leading last-mile app-based delivery service in Lagos and they pride themselves on our readiness to provide fast and accurate delivery, as they are engineered by powerful technology to solve logistics and transportation needs across Africa.

The company’s major aim is to enable e-commerce businesses in Africa with quick, prompt deliveries. ​Hence, the power of data is used to provide reliable B2B services to African merchants who require delivery services.

As a B2B delivery service, the goal is to enable business owners thrive. So they work tirelessly to ensure increased sales and customer satisfaction.

They have a strategy in place to help solve logistics and transportation challenges in Africa, while operating effective delivery services in multiple cities across the continent.

Kwik delivery, the leading last-mile app-based delivery service in Lagos
Kwik delivery, the leading last-mile app-based delivery service in Lagos

Why Kwik Delivery is a brand to reckon with

As at May 2020, the tech startup has amassed an impressive 14,000 verified customers, and this number is a reflection of the diverse and large customer base they currently serve - ranging from corporate bodies, shops, merchants, to Law firms and independent traders, all relying on Kwik to deliver goods and documents to their suppliers, customers and business partners.

Pharmaceutical companies like Medsafe, Healthplus, Medplus, also trust the company with their deliveries. Construction companies like SPIE, automotive companies such as CFAO’s Winpart, supermarkets such as SPAR as well as fashion outlets such as The Shoe Revamp shop, to mention a few, also make up the list of their multi-industry clientele.

How Kwik stands above others in the delivery industry

Timely deliveries at all times: As a B2B delivery service, they understand the importance of time. Hence we offer just-in-time delivery by ensuring our pick up and delivery process is handled within 2 hours to and from any location in Lagos.

The KWIK app is an all-in-one delivery platform.
The KWIK app is an all-in-one delivery platform.

Innovation: The KWIK app is designed to give customers a trustworthy experience. By implementing a seamless process, all deliveries are handled with the best technology available. You can also schedule delivery and make plans for recurring deliveries on the app. In addition, making payments on the app is also very secure. Also, placing orders on the app gives you access to track your parcels in real-time, bus-stop by bus-stop, right there on the app. The KWIK app is an all-in-one delivery platform.

Not only are they fast and reliable, innovation takes center stage with them, too. What’s there to not love about them?