Cash Crunch: OPay rescues Nigerians at social functions

March 31st 2023, 10:08:46 am

#FeatureByOPay: OPAY has been very reliable, no delays, no hanging, and the ease of opening an OPAY account is also noteworthy.


On such occasions; be it wedding, birthday, baby christening, burial ceremonies or promotions to name a few - which happen with unbelievable frequency across the length and breadth of the country - from Lagos to Maiduguri, Port Harcourt to Sokoto, Damaturu to Ibadan, Jos to Bayelsa - the Nigerian legal tender, the Naira, most often than not, losses its exalted power and position as it’s handled in the most ridiculous manner.

Speaking on how the ill is perpetrated on the society, Funmi Tejumola, a trader based in Lagos explained that mint Naira notes of different denominations which are non-existent in banks are illegally obtained by "currency dealers" at a price and sold at open parties for profit. Party freaks both young and old buy the Naira for the purpose of spraying the celebrants. This is an act which runs afoul of the country's laws.

With the current naira scarcity, however, a new culture of respect for the Naira and decent handling of the nation's legal tender, according to Imoh Bassey, a Lagos banker is finally emerging.

Bassey explained that while the parties are still being held, the government's cashless policy drive which has drastically reduced the amount of physical money in circulation, has in the main, discouraged and reduced the consistent bastardized of the Nigerian currency.


In place of the illegal and vexatious spaying of the currency, Bassey reveals, event anchors (MCs) announces an OPAY account details on behalf of the celebrant. Friends and associates who wish to gift the celebrant are meant to simply transfer their monetary gift to such an account to prevent the shoddy attitude of spraying money and its attendant undignifying handling of the nation's currency as partying clan often turns the national symbol into “foot mats” at parties.

Ajayi Olalekan, a Brand Marketing and lifestyle media personnel, confirms Bassey's submission. Ajayi, who plies his trade between Lagos and Ibadan, reiterates that Nigerians are fast embracing a new order as it relates to handling Naira.

"I have witnessed on multiple different occasions in the last few weeks. Incidentally, the choice of mobile money accounts on those occasions was OPAY", he noted.

When asked, why OPAY? The Brand Analyst explained, "It's probably because of how OPAY's has been very reliable, no delays, no hanging, and the ease of opening an OPAY account is also noteworthy".

It would be recalled that on February 1, 2023 Nollywood actress, Oluwadarasimi Omoseyin, 31, was sent to Kirikiri Correctional Centre by Justice Chukwujekwu Aneke of the Federal High Court pending the determination of her bail application for spraying naira notes at a public event in Lagos.

Omoseyin's case is just one in a 100s, Ogunniyi emphasised. He advocates that it is better to toe the line of honour by embracing opportunities provided by brands like OPAY that deliver cash transfers fast and efficiently with certainty rather than risk a jail term or severe punishment for flouting government's standing regulation.

The new order is fast taking a root in the society. OPAY is coming handy as an enabler to help berth a new dawn and prevents situations that touch the heart, Ajayi submitted while still alluding the socialite and Nollywood actress' brawl with the law and its inherent avoidable embarrassments occasioned by wanton disregard for the Naira notes.


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