Best app to sell gift cards in Nigeria in 2022

For some good reasons, a lot of people prefer trading their gift cards on a mobile app rather than a website. If you are one of those people and you have been searching for a reliable app where you can trade gift cards comfortably in 2022, then this article is for you.

Best app to sell gift cards in Nigeria in 2022

Getting paid via is gradually becoming a common practice in Nigeria, and no doubt, more and more people are going to be exchanging unused gift cards for cash in 2022. Exchanging your unused gift cards shouldn’t be a problem at all, the challenge however is in finding the right app that can help you carry out that transaction smoothly.

While there are many apps in Nigeria where you can easily redeem or sell your gift cards, in this article, I will be limiting the list to just the best two apps for selling, redeeming, or exchanging your gift cards for instant cash.

Gift cards are prepaid debit cards that have been preloaded with specific funds to make purchases or meet other financial demands. As the name implies, they are mostly issued as gifts or rewards to friends and family.

There are two types of Gift cards. The Closed-Loop Gift Cards and the Open Loop Gift Cards

A Closed-Loop gift card is often marketed by retail stores. It gives cardholders the privilege of purchasing anything from that particular retailer. These cards are not often reloadable. They can only be used once. Once the money in a closed-loop card is spent, the card has no further use. The downside to a closed-loop card is that the funds in it may have an expiration date, which means the cardholder has to spend the funds within that specified timeframe. Closed-loop cards are most suitable for baby registries, weddings, or as bonus tokens.

An Open-loop gift card can be likened to a debit or credit card that is usable anywhere the card is accepted. The advantage of using an Open-loop gift card is that they are reloadable, allowing consumers to add funds at will. Open-loop gift cards also offer the equivalent of cash.

Gift cards act as a substitute for cash. A gift can either be redeemed or traded. When a gift card is redeemed, it is used to purchase items for a store or a merchant where the gift card is accepted. Here are some things you can do with a gift card. Gift cards are used to pay for items at retail stores, restaurants, gas stations, and other places. You can decide not to use your gift card to buy items, you can regift, sell, donate or exchange your card for instant cash (Nigerian Naira).

You can also use your shop online or in-store with your gift cards. It is also possible to use your gift card to withdraw funds at the ATM if the card allows it. This is only made available to consumers with open-loop cards.

Ultimately, gift cards come in two forms. They are either physical or digital.

A physical gift card is a gift card that can be held. They have a physical form. And they are mostly plastic in nature. Physical gift cards are the most popular type of gift card in Nigeria, however, as the world becomes more digital, physical gift cards might soon phase away.

A digital card, on the other hand, is a card that has no physical form; rather, you are assigned a special gift code. These codes are peculiar to every gift card holder, with them you can redeem gifts you can redeem or make purchases. Some restaurant chains offer both physical and digital gift cards.

Below is a list of some gift cards you can sell on Apexpay and GiftCardToNaira and get paid instantly in Naira

● Visa Gift Card = N36,000

● Amazon Gift Card = N36,000

● MasterCard Gift Card = N38,000

● Bestbuy = N36,000

● eBay Gift Card = N35,000

● iTunes Gift Card = N38,000

● Google Play Gift Card = N39,000

● American Express Gift Card = N41,000

● Sephora Gift Card = N37,000

● Footlocker = N39,000

● Nordstrom Gift Card = N35,000

● Steam Gift Card = N39,000

There are so many Gift card trading apps all over the internet. It is not surprising gift card holders are still skeptical about selling their gift cards or maybe confused about which app is most trusted and reliable. Some challenges that people experience when they try to exchange their gift card for cash in using the wrong app includes:

Exchanging at a very low rate/price

Loss-trading with fake phony vendors

The question however would be, how and where can I exchange my gift card for instant naira without losing being scammed and still get the best deals? Apexpay and GiftCardsToNaira are the best gift card trading apps for 2022.

In recent times, these two Apps (Apexpay and GiftCardsToNaira) have served over 70,000+ Nigerians. Providing them with the most reliable gift card trading services at the best rates.

These two apps have a few things in common:

· Fast payments

· Ease of Trade

· Versatility

· Best Rates

· Reliability

Apexpay is one of the leading Gift Card trading platforms in Nigeria where you can redeem or you’re your gift card for instant naira. Since its establishment in 2018, they made the list of the top two gift card trading platforms in Nigeria.

Features of the Apexpay app

· Wonderful interface

The Apexpay app has a wonderful user-friendly interface and is also easy to navigate. Unlike other trading apps, on Apexpay, there won’t be any unnecessary ads or bugs interrupting your time on the app.

· Security:

The Apexpay app has a Face ID-enabled security feature that promotes seamless security. You don’t have to worry about whatever information you put out on the website, your bank account details and the funds in it are highly secure

· Sell your gift cards instantly

Unlike other gift card trading apps, on Apexpay, it takes less than five minutes for you to receive your money the moment you request a withdrawal. Apexpay is known for versatility when it comes to accepting Gift Cards. You can sell a good number of gift cards even if they are used in other countries.

· Send and receive money from any user at any time

With the Apexpay app, you are sure of instant payment into their bank account whenever you request payment. You can also send and receive money for free on the App. New users receive cash on your gift cards when you download the apexpay App

· See the deals of the day

You can always check the current deals, which gift cards have the highest rate. gift card rates using the app. The importance of knowing the best deals of the day is so that you know what rate you are selling at. Apexpay provides users with high rates that increase cash-out value for all their gift cards.

· Keep track of your transaction history

The Apexpay app also has a feature that enables users to view their transaction history. whether it's for reference purposes or as proof to another user, you can always find your transaction history whenever you need it.

· Get up to 50% of the bonus of your trade

This is one amazing benefit of using the Apexpay app. Whenever you trade on the app, you get a 50% bonus of your trade.

How to sell Gift Cards on Apexpay

To start selling or exchanging your gift cards on Apexpay, download the app from your play store

· Create a new account and log in

· Proceed to “Sell Gift Card”

· Choose the gift card you wish to sell and upload your card

· Wait for about 5 minutes for card confirmation

· Check your Apexpay wallet for your funds

· Withdraw your money from your bank account

With over a hundred thousand downloads GiftCardsToNaira is one of the secure and trusted gift card trading platforms in Nigeria. Giftcardtonaira has a mobile app that is available on both iOS and Android devices. With the app, cardholders can sell, redeem, or trade their gift cards for instant cash.

Benefits of using the GiftCardsToNaira app

1. Trade all kinds of Gift Cards

GiftCardsToNaira accepts a wide variety of gift cards such as Razor. If you own an Amazon Gift Card or any other popular card, and you are not sure what to do with it. There’s no need to be worried. Because on GfitCardsToNaira, you sell your Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria. you can also sell various cards like

· Best Buy, Walmart, Sephora,

· Visa, Steam wallet, Nordstrom,

· Home Depot, Apple Store, eBay,

· Nike, OffGamers, Sephora, Amazon, and other gift cards at the best rates.

2. Instant cash withdrawal

On GiftCardsToNaria, you are assured of instant cash payment the moment you redeem your gift cards. They also pay customers in Canadian dollars, Euros, and pounds. eCodes and other big denominations are also accepted on the platform. Aside from the Nigerian Naira, you can also get paid in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

3. Faster and reliable trading

Whenever you trade on the GiftCardsToNaira app, you also have the option of viewing your transaction history on the GiftCardsToNaira app. To check view your transaction history, simply click o the transaction button at the bottom corner of the app. A new will emerge which contains all the transactions you have carried on in previous time on the app.

4. Easy to use interface

The GiftCardsToNaira app is easy to navigate. You need a crash course to understand how the app works. The User interface design of the app makes it easy to navigate and trade on.

5. Trade at amazing rates

GiftCardsToNaira offers the best deals you can find in the market. The GiftCardsToNaira app has a feature known as the Gift Card rate calculator. With it, you can stay updated with the current rate of various gift cards in Naira.

To know the current rate of any gift card, first, you have to download the GiftCardsToNaira app from the play store on your device. Once the app is downloaded, register and log in with your login details, then navigate to the Menu and click on rates. Select the gift card of your choice and input the gift card amount. You will get the result in Naira, and the amount will also be calculated at the current rate of that particular gift card.

6. Top-notch security

GiftCardsToNaira is a wonderful platform to sell your gift cards securely without any security delay or security threat. The app is built with maximum security for all its users.

How to trade on GiftCardsToNaira app

· Download the GiftCardsToNaira app from either your Google Play Store or your Apple play store.

· Create an account and log in

· Go to your wallet and tap the “Add new account” button to set up your bank details.

· Navigate to your dashboard and click on “Sell Gift card” and submit your gift card

Please note that you may have to wait for a minimum of 2 minutes or less for the process to be confirmed.

· Check your wallet for your funds

· Withdraw directly from your local bank account.

As gift cards continue to gain popularity in Nigeria, they are also increasingly the target of most internet fraudsters. Most cardholders lose a huge amount of money when scammers ask them to purchase gift cards as a form of payment.

The cardholder ignorantly provides their gift card number to the scammer with the hope that they’re making a genuine transaction. The scammer then steals the user’s money.

Another scam associated with gift cards is the compromise of gift cards in physical retail stores. Sometimes scammers tend to meddle with cards to obtain the numbers on the gift card. The moment a consumer purchases a gift card and loads it with funds, the scammers can divert the funds by using the card to pay for items. Target gift card is one card that is popular amongst scammers.

To avoid falling victim to gift card scammers, we recommend you trade with either Apexpay or GiftCardsToNaira.

As we have seen, these apps are available on both Google and iOS play store. With these apps, you are assured of a swift and secured trade whenever you feel like selling your gift card.




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