Thabane, who married Prime Minister Thomas Thabane in 2017, shortly after his previous wife was shot and killed, went into hiding after police called her in for questioning related to the shooting of the previous first lady.

Moyeye allegedly helped Maesaiah Thabane to go into hiding and is suspected to have fled to neighbouring South Africa using a government vehicle,’’ police spokesman Paseka Mokete said.

Thomas Thabane’s former wife Lipolelo was killed in June 2017, shortly before the prime minister began his second term in office.

At that point in time, the couple had been in a drawn-out divorce battle, while the prime minister was already in a relationship with Maesaiah Thabane.

The two women battled each other in court over who should be the legitimate first lady, with the judge ruling in favour of Lipolelo Thabane.

Police recently issued an arrest warrant for the current first lady after she refused to be questioned about the killing.

The opposition is meanwhile calling for the resignation of the prime minister, who has also declined to answer the police’s questions.