Pre wedding shoots are taking over the universe, thanks to creative photographers.

We have seen movie and animation themed pre-wedding shoots, the couple taking a shit amongst other extremely creative shoots.

Tara Smith and Justin Blau their prewedding shoot to another level by dressing as a white and black statue respectively.

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The picture which was taken by Photographer, Jonathan Beckley was shared on Reddit.

According to Smith, she and Bleu met online through a common interest of photography.

"My fiancé and I met online, but things between us began platonically," she explained.

"After some chatting, I suggested he come to Waterfire, maybe take some photos of me while I busked—photography is one of our shared interests—then we could hang out for a while and grab some food when I finished for the night. The first time he ever saw me in person, he was seeing Lily."

Bleu proposed to Smith of their third year anniversary.