Women wear G-strings and its sexy but if a man should wear the same underwear, some , if not most women, think its just bizarre. Some women assume that these men are homosexuals for wearing what they consider as "female underwear".

However, some men think people should be allowed to wear whatever undies they choose to wear and not be judged for trying to be free.

Ever seen a man rocking a lacy thong? It could be the most disgusting thing as well as the most interesting event of the entire day. Most women feel female undies should be left for females to wear likewise men's. So why would a man wear a thong in the first place?

A friend of mine once recounted the day she discovered her younger brother had been sharing her G-strings for months. She said she was pissed, shocked and angry. According to her, millions of thoughts ran into her head… is my brother gay?

Just like most of you girls, I was short of words but that left me with the question, do men who wear G-strings worry they could be called names labelled as homosexuals (even if they may not be?)

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So I asked some of my male colleagues if men should wear thongs. According to them, its biologically not healthy for a man to rock G-strings. From what they said, it's not good for the balls and could affect a man's potential to produce children. Instead, they recommend boxers or briefs in order for the genitals to be free and be properly ventilated.

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Some of the guys even encourage other men to learn to sleep naked. Besides being like a relief, it frees the testicles which makes sleeping more comfortable (maybe not so much in extreme cold or a mosquito-infested area)

As for most women, its simply just weird or bizarre and inappropriate for men to wear G-strings beneath their jeans or regular pants. They advise that men who do so should please stop and let undies which belongs to females stay with females.