Euphoria’s 12-Year-Old Drug Dealer Is Actually a Junior Olympic Boxer

Last Sunday, the pilot for HBOs Euphoria dropped viewers into a hyper-unreal Gen-Z , nightmarish party-rock anthem. Basically: it was weird and dark. And while the dark may have been unpleasantly dark, the weird was just right.

Meet Euphoria’s 12-Year Old Drug Dealer

One just right weird scene featured Ashtray, a tattooed 12-year-old who Rue inexplicably finds in the backroom of a gas station, spooning cereal and presiding over cabinets of drugs. His first words: I thought your ass was dead.

Ashtray is played by Javon Wanna Walton , and if you couldnt guess by the fact that his middle name requires quotation marks, Wanna is a boxer. Actually, hes a Junior Olympic boxing prodigy. Hes also sponsored by Under Armour and appears in a commercial with The Rock. Lets try that again: He appears in a commercial with The Rock. In the commercial, he actually gives The Rock an eyebrow raise. Again: he eyebrow-raises The Rock. Walton is a total G.

And no, his Euphoria face tattoos are not real.

Aside from throwing down, Walton is also a gymnastics star. His coach, Dayna Alkire, told Whistle that Walton is the only elite youth trampoline athlete in his home state of Georgia.

Walton's been a competitor since birth. When he was five, Walton told his kindergarten teacher he wanted to go to the Olympics. His nickname comes from his wanting to do everythingWanna. And his work ethic shows it. Walton wakes up, boxes, does school work (he reportedly was a strait-A student in school before taking online classes), hits the trampoline, and then caps off the day with more boxing and gymnastics practice. His mother told Whistle that Waltons first infant movement resembled more an army crawl than a baby crawl.

Waltons father, DJ Walton, is a boxer himself. He worked on stunts for Creed II and appears in the film as Michael B. Jordans sparring partner. Hes also Wannas trainer and founder of the familys gym in Braselton, Georgia, Onward .

We're not yet sure how prominent a role Walton's Ashtray will play in the rest of Euphoria (so far, his character is only listed for the pilot), but we sure hope he gets to throw hands. Or do a backflip. That's something we def wanna see.


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