Latasha Nwugbe shares how she first became a writer and what it’s been like for her so far.

Latasha Nwugbe started out her career at Thisday magazine as a journalist. Now, she’s left but she’s risen to the position of assistant editor at Vanguard Allure magazine and is working on her clothing line, That Curvy Girl.

Her career has taken her far and wide and caused her to meet with distinguished individuals from all over the world, which has gained her major prominence.

Now, in a chat with Pulse, she’s taking us back to how it all began, with what inspire her to begin writing for a living.

The celebrity editor claims that she caught the writing blog through popular TV series, when she was about 19 or 20 years old.

She sights Carrie Bradshaw as her inspiration and decided that she would be Carrie Bradshaw in her own little NYC, which is Lagos.

Nwugbe admits that she has a great social life and has written just about everyone she wanted to and feels very grateful and blessed; “It’s been everything I want it to be and more.”

Pulse wishes Latasha all the best in her future endeavors.