Naomi Campbell gave another stunning performance today at Arise Fashion Week as the British supermodel opened the runway show for Tiffany Amber on Day 2 of the weekends festivities.

Naomi Campbell has been enjoying her stay in Lagos, sampling the best food, taking in the sights and doing the philanthropic work she is best known for.

Naomi Campbell is into to help usher in a new dawn of . The legendary event returns to Lagos after a 5-year hiatus with a spectacular basng. Naomi Campbell opened the show for veteran Nigerian designer and now did the same for the popular, Tiffany Amber.

Naomi strode out in a black silk blouse with ostrich feathers on the sleeves and a black silk oleku skirt, Tiffany Amber's signature. Naomi sashayed down the runway as her waist-length poker straight hair swung behind her.

Naomi Campbell, having been in the industry for over 3 decades is known for her signature walk which is equal parts confident and fierce. Lagosians got the special chance to watch that walk live as Arise brought all the stars into town.

Naomi opens for Ozwald Boateng

Last, but by no means least, undefinedof Arise Fashion Week. The British-Ghanaian design veteran was the first black man to open up his own store on famous tailor row, Saville Row, and continues to break down barriers and innovate after decades in the industry.

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Naomi Campbell, Boateng's good friend, opened for him wearing a suit, a white shirt with a purple tie and a dramatic over-sized cape. The look was distinctly British and Naomi made the masculine outfit look anything but as she strutted down the runway.

The two came out to take a bow and that concluded the second night of Arise.