Well, grab your striping tape and smallest paintbrush because Caption Polish has created a design that is honestly easy.

If you can color inside the lines, you can pull this off!

The white polish creates a neutral base for the colorful patchwork design. Then once you've wowed your friends with this simple look, you're ready to graduate to something a little more intricate.

Step one

Use Caption Base Coat as the foundation to your manicure. Polish a single thin coat on the nails of both hands.

Use Caption Core Color in Heaven Help Me. Polish a single thin coat on the nails of both hands. Apply a second thin coat of the same color. Allow to dry.

Step two

Apply nail-striping tape to section off various sizes of triangles and diagonals, rotating to a different position on each nail.

You can also use nail-striping tape to mask off fine linear areas.

Use Caption Core Colors in magenta,yellow, and cobalt to create your patchwork design.

Step three

For the smaller geometric shapes, use a small art brush to draw the outline of the shape, and fill in. Allow to dry for a few seconds, and quickly pull up tape.

Step four

Use Caption Top Coat. Polish a single thin coat on all nails. Allow to dry for two minutes.

To accelerate drying time, use Caption Drying Drops. Apply one to two drops per nail after allowing the Top Coat to dry as instructed above.