These are the things to ask or look out for when choosing CBD oil in Nigeria.

The first thing for you to bear in mind is, not all CBD oil is equal, especially in Nigeria. In the USA, a lot of companies have been called out for selling low quality CBD Oil, packaged as Premium CBD OIL.

Sterling Herbal CBD OIL is hands down the best CBD oil in Nigeria. These are the reasons why:

  1. CBD Oil can be either Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or Isolate:  
  2. Full spectrum CBD OIL contains all the benefits of the cannabis plant. It should contain Multiple cannabis plant extracts, terpenes, essential oils and THC. 

A lot of people are only aware of CBD OIL, however CBD oil on its own without anything added will only help address Pain, anxiety and inflammation. If you suffer with insomnia, you will need CBN to be added to your CBD Oil, if you suffer with epilepsy or autism or cancer or stroke, high blood pressure, fibroid, high cholesterol or anything else, you will need a full spectrum CBD as that contains other cannabinoids and terpenes which will specifically help address other ailments as well, Full spectrum will also contain 0.03% THC which will NOT make anyone high or intoxicated.

  1. Broad Spectrum: Contains all the benefits of the Cannabis plant but WITHOUT THC.
  2. CBD Isolate: This is CBD, devoid of anything else, no other cannabinoids, or terpenes or THC. It is Just pure CBD OIL.
  3. The extraction process, is your CBD oil co2 extracted or moon shine extracted? C02 extraction is the cleanest extraction process so far.
  4. What is the dosage, does it come in a calibrated dropper (dropper with numbers for effective measurement) or just the blank dropper?
  5. What is the colour? If it is too watery and a very light yellowish colour, then your cbd oil might very well be mixed with something other than CBD and cannabinoids, if there is any CBD in it at all.
  6. Ask for testimonials, the truth is in the pudding. 
  7. The number 1 CBD OIL recommended by doctors in Nigeria, is Sterling Herbal CBD OIL.
  8. It is full spectrum, Manufactured in the USA, has been lab tested for quality and effectiveness in a FDA Compliant lab. It has lab test results and certificates of analysis for each batch tested.
  9. It is organic and contains only natural ingredients. Pure, potent and effective in addressing a host of ailments
  10. The most important thing is Sterling Herbal CBD OIL WORKS.
  11. Sterling Herbal CBD oil is the best CBD OIL in Nigeria. It has been around for a long time and is the No 1 CBD oil recommended by doctors and medical practitioners.

We make no medical claims but stand on the numerous testimonials given by various people all over the world who have attested to the efficacy of the Sterling Herbal CBD OIL.

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