The Audio Visual Rights Society of Nigeria have taken the campaign against piracy to Alaba market as it celebrates the World Intellectual Property Day.

Led by the head honcho of AVRS, Bond Emeruwa, leading Nigerian arts and entertainment practitioners joined the campaign against theft of intellectual property in Nigeria.

"This is one of the days we should be celebrating creativity and all members of the arts and entertainment sector. AVRS as a body solely authorised to collect rights on cinematography works is working to ensure entertainers, filmmakers live a good life off the proceeds of their labour.

Bond further said works are going on in ensuring more laws are enacted by the government as it's high time Nigerian creatives enjoy from their sweat with no inhibition or hindrance.

In his response, chairman of the Almagamation of Alaba associations, Prince Emeka Nwozoba noted that he has always been in support of earning from where one has sowed, hence he will continue in his stride to rid Alaba off pirates.

Nwozoba also reiterated that during his administration, pirates have been publicly nabbed and sent out of the market and handed over to police but he understands that his men will have to intesify their efforts.

Also present on the occasion are Nollywood actress, Hilda Dokubo, filmmakers and producers that include Fidelis Duke and Chief Aina Kushoro.