In the exclusive chat, the "I Hate Sunshine" actress spoke on getting into character, challenges as a female filmmaker, craziest rumour she has heard about herself.

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Read excerpts below;

On how she got into acting;

"I was into modelling before, beauty pageants back in Cameroon. Got into a movie as a model, and after that it was amazing. So, I decided to follow it through."

On what the Cameroon film industry is like;

"It's really evolving, considering the fact that we have been making movies for so long, but it's right now that we are starting to make good movies. I'm so excited because there was actually this wake-up call two years ago. "

On challenges as a filmmaker;

"It isn't easy considering the fact that we have very few female producers in Cameroon. The lack of finance too, so you have to solicit for sponsors and investors for the film, and you being a female, definitely you get hit on here and there. That not withstanding, I think it's based on every individual."

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The actress has an upcoming movie titled "Housemates," which stars he alongside Uti Nwachukw, Alexx Ekubo, Adeusau Etomi, Ruth Kadiri among others.

Watch interview below.