Most 90s babies were excited to hear that the classic horror film

Just like "Living in Bondage," there are quite a number of cult classics that are apt for a contemporary interpretation.

The characters and story could get a modern twist, and with the existing advanced technology, a good dose of visual effects can be added to deliver a rejuvenated film.

Pulse Movies has put together five classics that should get a remake for millennials. Check them out below.

1. "Igodo"

"Igodo" had all the ingredients of a great epic movie, including a great cast such as Pete Edochie, Charles Okafor, Sam Dede among others.

In the right hands and with even better technology, an "Igodo" remake will make a great survival tale and a win for the African cinema.

2. "Ukwa"

Why remake a movie that is so good that it is still strong among the 90s Nollywood aficionados?

Well, in light of the recent success of comedy films, and with the right actors, a remake of the classic comedy could be a big win for the Nigerian cinema.

Perhaps, Odunlade Adekola and Okon Ime Bishop will land a role in the remake.

3. "Sakobi"

Perhaps, the Nigerian cinema definitely needs supernatural movies that don't involve any religion.

In that case, remaking the 1999 "Sakobi" movie sounds perfect: It's creepy and kind of funny too.

The original movie starred Susan Obi and Saint Obi in lead roles, and told the story of Francis, who in his search for money, gave up his only daughter as a sacrifice.

4. "True Confessions"

If this 1995 movie was remade with a different director and a creative writing team to switch things up, there’s no reason a relatable movie about a hunting past won't be an entertaining modern blockbuster.

The original movie starred Liz Benson,  Sola Fosudo and the late Jennifer Ossai.

5. "Rattle Snake"

A sensitive and a classic movie, you would be a great filmmaker to touch this one.

However, a remake of "Rattle Snake," which tells the story of Ahanna Okolo, a young boy drawn into the world of crime and gang rivalry after a twist of fate cuts short his happy childhood, is likely to resonate well with a large, contemporary audience.

We would love to know your thoughts: which classic Nollywood movie should get a remake?