As Big Brother Naija season 4 is set to return in 2019, over 5,000 contestants struggled to get auditioned in Lagos and we know why.

The Lagos audition has since become the most discussed on social media and various online platform as a result of activities that nearly marred the first day of the audition.

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Here are three major reasons the Lagos audition had over 5,000 contestants.

Fans want to get a piece of the action

While it has become a known fact that viewers stay glued to their TV screens during the 90 days period of the show, several fans were also imagining themselves sitting in the diary room.

The Big Brother Naija auditions held across Nigeria a week back and here's why everyone is talking about the Lagos audition. (The Nation)

From discussions with over 150 contestants, one of the major reasons the contestants showed up for the audition is to get a piece of the action.

Biola, a 23-year-old student said, ‘I’m not really bothered about winning or not, I am particular about having a feel of the house, having fun and generally making a lasting impression on Nigerians. I know I am more interesting than many of the ex-housemates I have seen.’

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Another student, Precious, simply noted that the activities of the house are some of the main reason she was willing to go all the way through the audition process.

‘I love having fun, from the parties to the clothes, food and those conversations are what I just want to see in the Big Brother house,’ she said.

The prize money

The Big Brother reality TV show had always wowed many Nigerians even when it was filmed in South Africa. And the prize money had always been a bone of contention for several Nigerian youths.

Ebuka announced Miracle at the grand finale of Big Brother Naija season 3 where he won the prize of N45m.

From Katung Aduwak, who won $100,000 in 2006 to Efe Ejeba, who won N25 million in 2017 and Miracle Igbokwe, who won N45 million in 2018, the prize money had many Nigerian youths in Lagos besieging the audition venue to get a chance to be auditioned.

Speaking to some contestants, the prize money for the winner and other prizes won by runners up are some of the reasons for getting auditioned.

‘Who doesn’t want a good thing? Do you know what N45 million can do in anyone’s life? My brother, I am certain, I am made for life if I get into the Big Brother house,’ Nasir expressed under a scorching sun on Friday, February 1, 2019.

On her part, a drenched Rosemary, who confided in this undercover reporter, said that she was a few months away to turning 21 said, ‘I know I will be disqualified when they see my passport but I will try my best. And if I am lucky to get into the house, I would be 21 on March 4. My dream of becoming a millionaire is certain if I get this chance.’ 

Organisers were challenged

All Big Brother Naija auditions have always had impressive turnout which has always been managed until February 1, 2019.

The organisers’ strength was challenged by the unbelievable crowd that besieged Edmark D’Podium events center situated in a corner piece between Aromire street and Adeniyi Jones street in Ikeja, Lagos.

BBNaija auditions on Friday, February 1, 2019.

There were several contestants, over 1,000, who arrived Lagos from different parts of Nigeria and slept in hotels in Ikeja just to get auditioned.

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On Friday, both Aromire entry - which serves as main entrance - and Adeniyi Jones entry - which serves as the expansive car park - was jam-packed with over 5,000 Nigerian youths struggling to get a chance at fame and fortune.

70% of the contestants, who were majorly between the ages of 22 years-old and 27 years-old didn't make the task in front of the organisers an easy one. Many were unruly, hasty, not willing to remain on the queue, and follow the process through.

Tom Salem, a private security firm, and few uniformed men were employed to protect law and order but the multitude that came for audition became a handful.

The crowd clearly overpowered the few security operatives, hence, the ‘not-too’ patient youths threw caution into the wind. This also made it very difficult for organisers to handle the tagging and other processes involved in the audition.

However, this lapse was managed on the second day of the audition. The Adeniyi Jones entry was the only entry point and had many officials of Tom Salem manning several sections of the audition ground.