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All its famous content such as kids programs, different religious shows and sermons will continue to air following the move. In addition, there will be new shows airing after the move. In spite of the move, all live stream shows will continue to air.

There is a hardworking team behind the success of LoveWorld USA television. This team looks forward to the move and promises to keep on airing Christian content that is high in quality for its viewers.

This channel has built a name for itself and believers watch it a lot during their leisure time. Another reason why this channel is at the top is its many children programs, which are created to introduce kid to God's Word in a way that is exciting and fun.

The main aim of this channel is to bring home Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's church so that viewers will not miss crucial religious teachings.

The viewers without access to cable have a chance to watch live LoveWorld USA TV shows on its official site:

Pastor Chris encourages his followers and viewers to always be informed on any changes happing on KingsChat app, which is a platform on social media connecting Christian on BLW (Believer's LoveWorld) events, news among others things.

More on Christ Embassy

If you are wondering what Christ Embassy is, it is a community comprising of a global network of churches combining a diverse and vast congregation from different walks of life. Christ Embassy has a vision, which is bringing the Devine Presence of God to individuals all over the world.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, who is the founder of this embassy, together with other members have a passion and desire to attain their aims of bringing persons together. They want to achieve this under the believe that they will have a Devine character through Jesus Christ. This is a good mission that will see many people learn about God and what He can do for them in life.