• BJ's
  • The warehouse chain
  • We visited a BJ's Wholesale in Jersey City, New Jersey, to see what it was like to shop there.

BJ's is showing some signs of strength. On Thursday, the warehouse chainon the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker "BJ." BJ's hadpreviously traded publiclyuntil it made a deal with two private-equity firms to take it private in 2011, according to CNN Money.

We visited a BJ's Wholesale Club in Jersey City, New Jersey.

At the front of the store was the tech department, selling a huge selection of laptops and TVs. Most TVs cost between $500 and $2,000.

There were a few branded displays, like a mini in-store Verizon center.

Signs were scattered around the tech section, advertising that BJ's offers free help from professional tech advisors.

Also near the entrance were shelves of random products like paper plates, snacks, and t-shirts, all for under $15.

BJ's snacks were sold in bulk, but the selection was underwhelming. There wasn't a ton of variety, and there seemed to be more candy than snacks.

There were quite a few empty shelves throughout this part of the store. A lot of products were out of stock.

Prices were reasonable on the bulk products: a 3.5-pound box of Cheerios cost $7.99, less than the same product cost on Amazon and only $3 more than a box half the size from Walmart.

Near the food, free samples were being given out.

The store also had a huge selection of drinks sold in bulk, but it looked like a lot of products were running low or out of stock.

The middle of the store was a bit of a guessing game, keeping in line with the "treasure hunt" experience its competitor Costco is known for.

While the aisles were clearly labeled, there was still a pretty random product assortment. Toys and books were right next to the gardening supplies.

Furniture, batteries, and household products were all over the middle of the store ...

... and there were plants everywhere.

There was also a small selection of clothes in the middle of the store.

Near the registers, the store had optical and hearing centers that you didn't need a membership to use.

It also had a self-checkout lane, which is a huge perk when lines get long.

There were gift cards near the register, but the selection was pretty small.

Instead of having a food court like Costco or Sam's Club, the store had a small Dunkin' Donuts kiosk by the exit.

BJ's locations used to have food courts, but most are being replaced by Dunkin' Donuts kiosks.