One of the judges

Another judge is said to have told the DSS that the foreign currency found with him was from unspent official allowances popularly known as estacode.

“One of the judges said he made his money legitimately, that he sells rice. He said this in a written statement,” a source told The Cable.

“The amount discovered which he claimed to be estacode beggars belief, but then it makes investigation easier since the documents can be traced and subjected to forensic tests,” he added.

The source also denied claims that one judge was arrested at gunpoint.

“The judge resisted arrest and called for his lawyer. Ironically, the lawyer came on the scene and affirmed that the search warrants were in order and the judge was arrested,” the source said.

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The DSS has so far arrested nine judges on charges of corruption and in its first operation recovered more than $800,000 from three of the judges.