What would you do if you discovered that your wife had no memory of your wedding ceremony? In this case, the answer would be to have a second one.

Jeremy Stamper, the husband, said he was heartbroken when he learned that his wife of just a few short weeks, Justice Stamper, had no recollection of their wedding day after losing her short term memory in a car crash.

"'She said, i don't want you to be mad ... but I don't remember the wedding. I said 'Don’t worry about it. We’re going to do it again.'"

Justice lost her memory in a horrible car crash in Bristol, Tennessee, in August last year, less than three weeks after her wedding.

She finally summoned the courage to admit the loss of her wedding details to her groom, Jeremy Stamper, one month after the accident.

The couple, who met at their Sunday school church back when they were just 10 and 11 years old,  will now have a ceremony and reception - called The Stamper Wedding Round 2 - on August 1, the first-year anniversary of their nuptials.

Jeremy has started a Go Fund Me page asking for help from family, friends and the public in helping to pay for the event.

The groom, 21, is still in school and working, while Justice, 20, who suffers from PTSD, speech problems and struggled with short-term memory, is still recovering from the crash.