Godzilla Vs Kong review

Godzilla vs Kong

I had my money on the ‘King of Monsters’, and he didn’t disappoint me. But even though KONG lost to GODZILLA, he won my heart.

While all our attention was so focused on the Three-Round Smackdown, we Ignored the development of the human characters and other layers needed to build the movie script up to its climax. [It was like. In the head of the rest of the human characters, they were probably like, ‘Y’all Get out of the way, let them fight’]. Yes, that’s what we tuned in for! But if we should look at it critically, ‘Godzilla Vs Kong’ isn’t just about a fight between two Apex Titans like Rotten-tomatoes, Metacritic, and other film communities hyped it up to be, but rather about something else. Something only a few envisioned.

I can’t help but see this as a nod to the global lockdown we had to endure last year. Even Kong had a taste of it. Ilene(Rebecca Hall) is solely responsible for his upkeep. Although it is a tough decision to relocate him, she budges after being contacted by ‘Apex Cybernetics’, a scientific company headed by anti-hero Walter Simmons whose goal, with the help of Kong, is to put the human species as the apex predator.

Their constant experiments interrupt Godzilla’s frequency. This brings him out of hiding since he was named the ‘King of monsters’ in 2019. Godzilla destroys the scientific base. In the very eyes of Maddison(Milly Bobby-Brown). Godzilla’s attack leads to huge loss of lives and damages. This makes the media re-decide the heroic title ‘Saviour of Mankind’ in 2014.

It doesn’t end there. After resurfacing, he senses another apex titan on the move. It's ‘Kong’ he is being transported on the ‘Tasman Sea’. Pin-pointing his location, Godzilla attacks! And that is when the hell begins to rain loose, then the main content we adjust our sitting or lying position to experience begins.

In my opinion, Kong lost round 1 for One primary reason.

Location. Godzilla is an aquatic creature Kong isn’t! So who among them had the advantage? The answer is obvious.

Not only does Godzilla attack Kong, but He also attacks the crew and even kills some in the process. Naturally, this sets off Godzilla as the villain in this part of this monster verse series.

Quick question! Was Godzilla the villain here?

We are introduced to two new characters, Maddy’s clumsy partner in crime, Josh(Julian Dennison) and Bernie(Brian Tyree Henry), the anonymous host of ‘The Titan Podcast’ Maddy has become obsessed with.

Bernie is funny, Charismatic, and curious.

Together the trio investigates Godzilla's new behavior, which leads them to ‘Apex Cybernetics’.

And their secret agenda that suspiciously drew Godzilla out of hiding after Seven years.

In the process of uncovering Apex’s Conspiracy, they enter a travel pipe that leads them to Hong-kong.

Who here has any idea what kind of fast travelling method was used to travel from the US to Hong-kong in mutes?? Well, the movie was set in 2026, so maybe by then, we’ll have the answers.

Before Teamkong arrives in Hong-kong, Teamkong stops at the hollow earth, Kong’s home and home to other Kaiju Creatures previously featured in Skull Island.

Here we are compelled to empathize with Kong as he walks around seeing the skeletons of his extinct species and family.

I felt his grief. If that storytelling stage was to characterize Kong and make the audience garner empathy for his beastly flares, then it was done all too well.

The daughter of Apex Ceo Maya Simmons(Eiza Gonzalez) reveals an ulterior motive to harness the hollow earth’s power, using it to power a Mega-Tron capable of destroying Godzilla and Kong. Annoyed, Kong destroys Apex’s fleet for their betrayal, taking off with Jia, Ilene and Nathan through the hollow space to Hong-kong where the final confrontation between Godzilla and Kong and the resolution to this Kaiju themed story awaits.

Shout to the director Adam Wingard for the incredible visual experience. The shooting got us completely reeled into this world where giant titans are regular.

Back to Godzilla.

Okay. What was Godzilla’s angle here?

Is he an antihero? What was going through Godzilla’s head?

Seeing as he had no problem destroying innocent citizens

Godzilla’s feeling of self-importance comes to question here.

Is that it? Should we feel sorry for him? You might. But I don’t.


Should we take Maddy’s word for it when she said… In his support, He doesn’t want to be replaced.

Is his ego that fragile? Or is Kong so much of a threat to him? I feel Godzilla’s transformation from the ‘Savior of humanity, the ‘King of Monsters’ to a new name the fandom hasn’t come up with yet is one that requires a unique case study. A particular blog post.

This movie is more interesting as the fusion of two storylines blends smoothly without telling the other.

Before going into this movie, I was Team Godzilla. But during the movie. I switched camps, not to Kong, but to another center which I will reveal at the end of this review.

One thing prevalent I noticed about the characters is the feeling of loss and abandonment. Maddison lost her mother, Bernie lost his wife, Jia lost her family and her tribe, Nathan lost his brother, and the general humans who have lost loved ones or family members to these kaiju attacks.

Whether it’s TeamKong or TeamGodzilla, at least one or more members of either camp are still recovering from the 2014 Godzilla, 2017 Skull Island or 2019 Godzilla King of Monsters.

Which makes them more attached to these creatures and the outcome of their final breath battle.

Jia is a Chinese name for home and family, and that is what she represents for Kong. Their bond is a beautiful one. It is often common to see animals have special bonds with humans. But this was mirrored in a very realistic and emotional way, adding that Jia is verbally impaired. This gives her communication in scenes and general effect on the story more depth.

Maddy and the Godzilla Crew realize the Megatron is being powered by hollow earth’s power and genetic data from Gidjora. The three-headed dragon was last seen in 2019’s Godzilla king of monsters.

Re-encountering one another in Hong-kong, Godzilla and Kong give it another go. For another couple of minutes, its skyscrapers are falling over the city, and its citizens are running for their dear lives as two animals battle for ancient rivalry and supremacy in a 1st world country.

I mean. Is there a subtle message being passed?

Is that to say the damage humans can create is little to what nature can do if it’s had enough?!

I don't understand how the human species are the dumbest and passive. Like the humans were just watching them as the two titans destroyed their cities and homes.

And when the human action takes place, it’s to introduce another mass killing robot to eliminate both of life’s greatest threats. Again, take my mind to Raymond Reddington from NBC’S Blacklist iconic quote. Which goes, ‘The greatest way to eliminate a threat is to rise as a greater threat’.Or Lelouch Vi Britannia from Code Geass, who said. ‘To defeat evil, one must become a greater evil’.

Let's not even go too far. Let us take a memory lane down to the plot twist in 2019’s King Of Monsters when Maddy’s mom originally proposed this same approach.

Is this the only method of thinking applied by the humans in this story?

Is that implying such utilitarian thinking is the only input to solving dangers affecting mankind?

These Screenwriters have some explaining to do.

Investigate the origins of the Godzilla vs Kong franchise from 1958. Investigate. You’ll discover a science fanatic and Kaiju believer was involved in this world-building.

This is a subtle theory worthy of exploration that floats all around the audience's minds if we choose to admit it or not. However, it’s a question that exceeds the scope of a 1hr 53mins sci-fi movie.

Whether it’s amongst themselves. Or with the human race. Or even with the fiction writing itself. Kaijus will always be at war, just as we have seen in ‘Godzilla Vs Kong’ and probably other kaiju that are yet to be introduced in the Warner Bros monster verse.

Perhaps the effect of their battle will be something that will be explored if there is a new part. Maybe the new feature will see the human species will be making active and responsible scientific and moral decisions regarding titans and extra-terrestrial creatures.

I once read an article exploring the possibility of kaiju existing beyond the realms of Japanese folklore.

Whatever you choose to call them. Monsters, heroes, saviors, kings. If ever the theory of their existence is a reality, a battle line for dominance is drawn. God help us we don’t live to see their wrath as we have just witnessed in this entrailing Masterpiece of a movie.


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