"Destiny 2" may have just launched a few months ago, but considering the dire state of that game, many players (and others) are looking ahead to the 2019 release of "Anthem," a new game from Bioware that bears many similarities to Bungie's sci-fi shooter franchise.

Take a look:

"Destiny" is all about killing aliens in beautiful, otherworldly environments with your friends (or random people you meet online). "Anthem" seems to have a similar gist.

In "Anthem," your character is what's known as a "Freelancer." Bioware calls them "the heroes that leave the safety of the walls of Fort Tarsus, to explore the unknown and protect humanity."

This sounds similar to "Destiny": In that game, your character is known as a Guardian — a chosen warrior tasked with protecting the last city on Earth.

In "Anthem," players get an array of exosuits called Javelins, which provide superhuman abilities. They're also heavily customizable, so you can look and play how you want.

Similarly, in "Destiny," a big aspect of the game is customizing the armor and weaponry of your character, which you collect from completing missions and various activities.

Javelin exosuits come in all shapes and sizes, and each comes with its own unique playstyle. The "Ranger" is a well-rounded exosuit; the "Colossus" is more of a tank; etc.

"Destiny" lets you create a character from one of three different classes — hunter, titan, or warlock — but your character can't switch freely between those classes. You have to create a new character to experience each class in "Destiny."

In "Anthem," it sounds like you can switch up your exosuits — and thus, your playstyle — at these social hubs before you head out to explore the planet.

Notably, Bioware says "Anthem" will be experienced from the first-person perspective when you're in social hubs.

In these hubs, you can pick up missions from various people in town.

When you start exploring the planet, however, your view switches to a third-person view so you can better see your terrain.

Once you're in that open world, you can run...

... or fly anywhere that interests you.

You can even take your exosuits underwater, where you can discover new areas — or outflank your enemies, or just hide away for a bit.

Like "Destiny," you can also play all of "Anthem" with your friends. You can assemble a team of up to four people to tackle the planet's many threats.

As you explore the planet, you'll see caves to explore, beasts to take down, or a radio call might alert you to something happening nearby, or part of a quest you've decided to undertake.

It looks like "Anthem" gives you plenty of unique weapons to take out foes, from missiles to mortars.

And, like "Destiny," expect to get rewarded often for completing these activities.

We're looking forward to seeing more of Bioware's "Anthem," which originally had a planned release date for "fall 2018" but will now reportedly launch in early 2019. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out a 7-minute trailer showing off how the game works below: