"Succession" saw a big boost in ratings when it returned on Sunday.

The HBO drama's season two premiere was watched by a total of 1.2 million viewers across all platforms. That includes the initial 9 p.m. airing, its encores, and streaming on HBO Now and HBO Go.

The numbers are up 32% from the series premiere and 22% from the season one finale last year, according to The Wrap .

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"Succession" has a 93% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes overall, and a 100% for season two .

The Guardian called season two "chilling, despicable, and horribly addictive." The Atlantic said the show is "better than ever" in its sophomore season.

"Season 2 is extraordinary," The Atlantic wrote. "Jesse Armstrong, the show's creator, finds new levels of horror to mine in Succession's autopsy of the ultrarich, but he also finds pathos, which elevates the show even further."

HBO has maintained a healthy audience since its flagship fantasy series "Game of Thrones" concluded earlier this year, despite a heavily circulated survey in May that suggested 20% of HBO Now subscribers would cancel after "Game of Thrones" was over.

With 8 million cumulative viewers across all platforms as of June, "Chernobyl" was one of HBO's biggest limited series . 52% of viewers had watched on HBO Go and HBO Now, breaking a digital viewing record for HBO.

The new HBO teenage drama "Euphoria" scored series high ratings with its finale earlier this month with 1.2 million viewers across all platforms.

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