• Some triumphant posters showed off their fragrant purchases on social media.
  • Others brought up issues with the bath chain's website or expressed disbelief at shoppers waking up early for the sale.
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Bath & Body Works shoppers took to the web to shine a light on the chain's annual Candle Day sale.

The bath and beauty chain's website said that the sale featured $9.50 three-wick candles. That deal has since run out online. Many stores around the country opened as early as 6 or 7 a.m. for the sale, causing some fans to burn the candle at both ends in order to get first dibs on the merchandise.

So far, posts about Bath & Body Works' candle sale have run the gamut, featuring everything from glowing excitement over new purchases to fiery criticism of issues with the chain's website. Bath & Body Works' parent company L Brands didn't immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.

Some posters took the time to show off their new candles.

Others expressed disappointment that the price of the candles has ticked up this year.

Others went after Bath & Body Works' website bell, book, and candle, citing crashes and issues with overcharging.

Online observers also debated the validity of making the choice to travel to a Bath & Body Works before dawn to buy candles.

And some commenters took the time to remind shoppers to be kind to Bath & Body Works employees amidst the holiday rush.

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