• According to ESPN's Sam Borden , in addition to his on-field talent, Minshew is also an aggressive and impressive fantasy football player.
  • Despite his success so far this season, Minshew has not started himself in fantasy, choosing instead to back Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.
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In a season that has seen more than 10 backup quarterbacks elevated to a starting role, none has captured the NFL zeitgeist quite like Gardner Minshew.

Stepping in for an injured Nick Foles in Jacksonville, Minshew has kept the Jaguars competitive, working the team to a 2-3 record with a swagger that makes him impossible to look away.

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"Minshew Mania" has inspired a mustache craze across Florida, and has Jaguars fans believing that they could still be contenders in a crowded AFC.

But while his play on the field has been undeniably impressive, Minshew reportedly refuses to take advantage of it to win in fantasy football.

According to a story from ESPN's Sam Borden , Minshew is something of a fantasy savant but has yet to pick himself up in his longtime league.

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Minshew first showed his fantasy prowess before the season even began. In a dynasty league with friends from back home, Minshew reportedly opted to re-draft his entire roster heading into the season a wildly aggressive move for a league that allows you to carry players over from one year to the next.

Minshew's decision paid off big, according to Tre Polk, a friend of Minshew's since high school.

Per ESPN :

"It was ridiculous," Polk says. "He must have known something aboutMelvin Gordon, and he worked out withJosh Jacobsand liked what he saw so he took him, and he took the Patriots defense, and he grabbedAustin Ekeler..." Polk goes on for a few minutes like this before putting on the bow. "Bottom line: He redrafted, like, his whole team, and he's tied for first place. He just sees the game in a different way."

As for his quarterback, Minshew has eschewed from starting himself in his fantasy lineups, opting instead for his fellow rookie Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals.

Thankfully for Minshew, the Jaguars don't play the Cardinals this year. When they eventually do, maybe it will finally be time for him to insert himself into his starting lineup.

Read Borden's entire story on Minshew at ESPN .

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