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If you're a thrill-seeker who also loves luxury, your perfect travel experience might just be a "luxpedition."

It's similar to glamping, which entails camping in a luxury tent with a bed, feather duvet, and often Wi-Fi and running water.

But a luxpedition takes that a step further by throwing rugged adventures into the mix, too. London-based company Brown + Hudson, who coined the term "luxpedition," offers unique trips for those who want their adrenaline rush accompanied by luxurious amenities.

Past trips have included taking a family through Utah by raft, aircraft, all-terrain vehicles, canyoneering, and mountain bike by day, and then spending nights in luxury camps built from scratch, with privately chartered flights to ensure no time was wasted, according to the company's website.

Another luxpedition entailed taking clients on a 12-hour camel ride somewhere in the Middle East, Forbes reported. Eight hours in, they stopped in the shade of an oasis to find cold glasses of their favorite craft beer.

Those with an appetite for adventure and with the bank account to pay for the luxury version of it can turn to a variety of companies to satisfy their every want.

Two ex-British Army Captains cofounded Pelorus, a company which plans travel experiences for the super-rich. The trips are unique and range from a $52,000 Angola tribe experience to an espionage mission with counter-terrorism experts.

The emergence of these adventure-focused luxpeditions follows that of glamping, a travel trend that has gained popularity in recent years. sleep in Scandinavian-inspired tents with king-sized beds and 1,500-thread count sheets, en-suite bathrooms, electricity, Wi-Fi, and a French Press coffee bar. And an ex-Wall Street banker came up with Tentrr, a sort of "