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Lifestyle 9 terms that define modern dating

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  • Dating these days comes with its own unique terminology.
  • Ghosting, breadcrumbing, and gaslighting are all relationship phenomena people could run into when trying to find their next partner.
  • Here are 9 terms, from a relationship expert, that define modern dating so you can recognize them when they happen.

When it comes to dating, it seems as though new terminology is constantly being introduced. For instance, talk of ghosts used to be limited to Halloween or reality shows, and now “ghosting” is popular year-round — at least when it comes to dating.

To help clarify “ghosting” and other modern dating terms, Business Insider reached out to Antonia Hall, a psychologist, relationship expert, and author. From an etiquette standpoint, Hall filled us in on what’s OK and what’s not in terms of new dating trends.

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