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Finance Tesla Motors is officially changing its name (TSLA)

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Tesla Motors is changing its name to just Tesla Inc.

The name change has been in the works for a while. In February 2016, CEO Elon Musk tweeted about acquiring the domain. And in July, the company shortened its website from teslamotors.com to just tesla.com. But on Wednesday the company said in a filing with the SEC that it plans to change its official corporate title to just Tesla Inc.

Removing "Motors" from the company's name makes sence given Tesla's push to become an energy company.

Tesla has continued to grow its battery business by launching new home and commercial batteries. And in November the company purchased the solar-panel provider Solar City, pushing it further into the energy business.

Musk has made clear that he has lofty ambitions for Tesla's new solar venture. Musk announced in October that Tesla planned to make solar roofs that would essentially replace having to install bulky solar panels. He said in November that Tesla's solar roof would cost less than a normal roof.

What's more, Tesla plans to expand into mobility services. Musk announced last year that the company plans to set up a Tesla network where owners can use their car for ride-sharing purposes. The company is expected to reveal more details about the service this year.