20 things learnt from Neymar's Netflix documentary 'The Perfect Chaos'

Netflix Brasil released the documentary series of the PSG Star's life on January 25

Neymar's O Caos Perfeito debuts later this month on Netflix Brasil

Following the release of the highly anticipated docu-series of Paris St Germain star, Neymar Jr. Dos Santos' life on and off the football pitch, It was a much needed feature-length for fans of the 29-year-old Brazilian superstar to get behind the scenes on his life and struggles.

Taking us through a thrilling journey on his life and football, here are 20 things we learnt from the LeBron James produced series:

1. Neymar Jr has more money than you think.

Apart from his staggering net worth of $200 Million according to WealthyGorilla.com, Neymar could be worth more than that especially going from his least of massive sponsorship and endorsements with brands like Nike in the past and now Puma currently alongside Unilever and a host of other global brands, not o mention his enormous wages at the French club, Paris St Germain.

2. Kobe Bryant is one of his biggest Inspirations

The Lt. Basketball Icon, Kobe Bryant’s death in 2020 affected Neymar a whole lot more than usual.

In fact from the very beginning of the docu-series and the majority of it as well, he wore Kobe Bryant’s Iconic Number 24 Jersey, paying tribute to the Lakers Legend.

They had previously done a shoot for Nike together and Neymar always watched Lakers games because of Kobe Bryant growing up.

3. Neymar is one the most hated players amongst PSG fans

Neymar is unarguably one of the most hated if not the most hated PSG players amongst Parisians.

From 2018 up until 2020, Neymar has had fallouts with the fans due to his personality and lifestyle as well as his performances in the big games for PSG.

4. He had a really poor background

Neymar grew up in the slums of Sao Paolo and was brought up in a poor background as he even continues to say in the documentary, 'we left the slums but the slums never left us'.

5. Santos is one the cities in world football that produce the biggest football stars

As early as 8 years old, Neymar was famous in the city of Santos and later signed for the club, Santos Fc in Brazil is home to some of the biggest stars in world football today from Brazilian Legends: Pele and Zito to Robinho, Edu and even Neymar himself.

6. He said NO to Real Madrid on the first approach

Spanish giants, Real Madrid first approached Neymar at just age 14 and he turned them down because he decided he wasn’t ready to move yet.

7. 2010 was his break out year with Santos.

2010 was the year Neymar won the 2010 Campeonato Paulista in which he scored 14 goals in 19 games and was ultimately crowned the best player of the tournament.

8. He was Brazil’s poster boy for years

Neymar was bagging most endorsements in Brazil when he was Santos at the time appearing on almost every household tv screen in adverts and promos.

9. Neymar knows he’s hot-headed actually

In 2010, while playing for Santos in his teenage years, he cursed out at the team’s captain and cursed out at his coach as well while airing his frustrations on the pitch as well.

He would eventually apologize to the coach, the team and the Santos fans as well for his action

10. NR sports in São Paulo is a company set up by Neymar’s family in to manage him

The company currently has over 250 employees - a branding office, a management office and a media office.

The company manages its image and career, every contract, every career and image decision goes through NR sports.

Neymar Snr and Nadine (his mother and father) are the CEOs of the company.

11. He loves eSports

Neymar is a passionate lover of video games including first-person shooter video games like Call Of Duty and mission games like Grand Theft Auto.

He once skipped the Ballon d'Or ceremony just to stream video games online.

12. Neymar doesn’t care about people’s opinions about him

Neymar made it very clear in the series that he doesn't listen to people's take on his personality or appearance or his party lifestyle.

He believes he’s an honest and transparent person and he would live his life however he wants to and not how people feel he should.

13. Neymar has a huge following on social media

At the moment, Neymar boasts over 200 million followers on his social media networks combined with over 169 million followers on Instagram alone, 88 million on Facebook and over 55 million on Twitter

14. His family never stopped believing in him

Despite Neymar's travails and difficulties with the media and social media scandals, his family have never stopped believing in him.

His father especially - Neymar Snr, has always remained by his side assisting him a lot professionally and helping him protect his image.

15. He first announced that he would become a father at 19.

Neymar first announced he would become a father at age 19 when he was still with Santos Fc.

His son's name is David Lucca DaSilva Santos is his mother's name is Carolina Nogueira Dantas. Neymar is also not married to Carolina.

Currently, Lucca is his only son and he has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

16. The 2017 Remontada in the Champions league

The Remontada in Camp Nou affected Neymar’s decision to leave Barcelona.

Despite Neymar spearheading the comeback against PSG in 2017, It was his Barcelona teammate - Lionel Messi's photos that flooded the tabloids as the face of the remontada even though he was largely responsible for it.

17. Messi and Suarez were never on board with his decision to leave Barca

At the time, Luis Suarez was never happy about his exit and told him how he felt about it as not just a teammate but a friend.

Neymar also didn't exactly tell Lionel Messi why he chose to leave the Catalans for PSG

18. Leaving Lionel Messi's shadow

According to Neymar Snr. , his son's move to PSG had nothing to do with stepping out of Messi’s shadow, he never wanted to be better than Messi because he loves Messi.

Neymar just saw his move to PSG as wanting a new challenge with the main goal of helping the French league reach a higher level, he accepted the challenge, hence his decision to switch when PSG Chairman Nasser El Khelaifi called him.

19. Most of the most serious injuries Neymar sustained on the pitch happened outside of the 18-yard box

Neymar's terrible injury history headlined the majority of his peak years and most of the time he was fouled, it was usually done outside of the 18-yard box due to his playmaking style, dropping deep and excessive dribbling.

Neymar had also battled with a back injury all through his playing days.

20. Neymar wanted to leave PSG in 2019 after falling out of love with the French giants because he realized he would be happier somewhere else after having a torrid 2018.

Neymar couldn’t leave PSG because the Emir and Prince of Qatar didn’t want to sell him for any amount, no matter the sum.

Neymar was even to pay 20 million Euros from his pocket to fund a move back to Barcelona.

And even though, Barcelona’s enormous offer to bring Neymar back from PSG was even bigger than what PSG paid to acquire him in the first place, the Paris club owners gave a resounding 'No' to the deal.


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