He is currently the number one golfer in the world but he has been plotting it since he was nine.

It has been revealed that Rory McIlroy wrote a letter to Tiger Woods in 1999 warning him that he will be coming for his spot.

Just fresh from winning the 1998 Doral-Publix Junior Classic in Florida for the 10-11 age group, the then nine year old wrote to the then number one world golfer Tiger Woods saying, "I'm coming to get you. This is the beginning. Watch this space."

Although the American legend may have never read the warning, a New York Times Magazine profile pieced together its contents through interviews with McIlroy and close family members.

When asked if he recalled the letter,  the Northern Irish golfer admitted: "A lot of those memories have kind of blurred together. But, yeah, it went something like that."

The warning has now come to pass. Rory McIlroy  is currently number one in world golf while .