The 16 teams from the eastern and western conferences are now known, all that is left is the playoff round to determine the 2018 NBA Champions for both conferences.

The NBA Playoffs begins on Saturday, April 14 with all 16 teams seeded against each other to as they progress through each round to determine the eventual champions.

Eastern Conference NBA Playoffs

First place in the eastern conference Toronto Raptors will face Washington Wizards who finished the season eight, the first game of the series at Toronto.

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Second-placed Boston Celtics will take on seventh-placed Milwaukee Buckswithout star player , the first game of the series at Boston.

Third-placed Philadelphia 76ers will face a resurgent Miami Heat who finished sixth and are on the high since the arrival of Dwayne Wade, the first game of the series at Philadelphia.

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Lebron James will have his work cut out as he will have to inspire Cleveland Cavaliers who finished fourth against a Victor Oladipo led Indiana Pacers who finished fifth.

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Western Conference NBA Playoffs

First placed Houston Rockets are the best team in the western conference during the season and will have the advantage of in-waiting MVP James Harden when they face eight placed Minnesota Timberwolves, the first game in Houston.

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Second-placed Golden State Warriors take on seventh-placed San Antonio Spurswithout star player , and they come into the post-season with 10 defeats in their last 17 matches, first match at Golden state.

Third-placed Portland Trail Blazers come into the playoff with a secret weapon called Damian Lillard when they take on sixth-placed New Orleans Pelicans, the first game in Portland.

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Fourth-placed Oklahoma City Thunder will need Russell Westbrook to forget about personal accolades when they take on fifth-placed Utah Jazz who have a secret weapon in possible rookie of the year Donovan Mitchell.

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All games start on Saturday, April 14, with all teams needing four victories to progress to the next stage.