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Video: Watch Samuel Eto'o kick a man outside World Cup stadium

Cameroon FA President Samuel Eto'o shows UFC potential with a brutal kick to a man outside the World Cup stadium.

Video: Watch Samuel Eto'o kick a man outside World Cup stadium

Cameroonian football administrator Samuel Eto'o has gone viral following an incident at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.


Eto'o the president of the Cameroonian Football Federation was in attendance for the round of 16 battle featuring Brazil and South Korea at Stadium 974 in Doha.

The 41-year-old Eto'o ahead of the start of the tournament boasted that Cameroon will win the World Cup.

The Indomitable Lions crashed out in the group stage after a loss to Switzerland, a draw against Serbia, and a win against Brazil.

The video shows Eto'o initially posing for photos with fans waiting outside on his out from the game.

A man on his right then approaches him with a professional camera asking some questions.

They begin to exchange words and Eto'o becomes hostile and is being held back by an entourage.

The Cameroon President is still in Qatar as World Cup 2022 legacy ambassador after his country crashed out.

The video cuts and then shows the cameraman being shoved away as Eto'o gives his phone to a member of his team.

Eto'o was able to break free from the four men restraining him and attacking the cameraman. He lunged in with an effort that did not hit its target but his knee was able to connect with the man's face as he fell down.

Knocked to the ground, the man was able to stand back up as the crowd outside the stadium was amazed.

Eto'o charged at the man again but was held back as security escorted him away to questions by reporters now at the site of the incident.

Eto'o now a football administrator is known for his contribution to football during his time with the Cameroon national team as well as playing for top sides such as Chelsa, Barcelona and Inter Milan.


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