Speaking at the NFF Awards on Monday, February 19, Infantino described Nigeria as a country h unquantifiable passion and love for football, and where football is more than a religion.

“I was told that in Nigeria football is passion, but it is a lie because it is more than that. In Nigeria, I was told that football is love, but it is a lie it is more than that,” Infantino said at the NFF Awards on Monday, February 19.

But why are Nigerians so crazy about football? We explore five reasons

1. Nigerians are crazy talented in football

Talents in football are a dime a dozen in Nigeria. Every corner, every street kids, youths and even adults are seen playing the game. Because it comes very naturally to most Nigerians,  football has been the most popular sports in Nigeria since dateless time.

2. Step to wealth

With the poor standards of living on the rise every year in Nigeria, youngsters grow up looking for a way out of squalor.

They grow up dreaming of finding a way out of poverty and like their football heroes, the game brings the perfect opportunity for them to step to wealth.

3. A perfect getaway

Nigeria is far from ideal, with its citizen faced with challenges in their everyday lives. Football oftentimes brings the perfect situation for them to escape their harsh realities. From kids playing in barren pitches or youths and adults watching the game at their closest viewing centres and bars, football has provided the perfect getaway for them.

4. Football brings unity

In a country still plagued by tribal tensions, football is a huge unifying factor in Nigeria. Support for the Super Eagles or any of the national team brings everyone together and that has made football very popular in Nigeria.

5. Entertainment

For what is its, football offers huge entertainment value and that’s why it’s so dear to Nigerians.

Nigerians love entertainment and with football, they have something they truly love and relate to keep them fascinated for 90 minutes.