Style tricks to make your tummy look flat

How can you make your belly appear flats in clothes?

Style tricks that make your belly flat [kishaproject]

There are times you want to keep your belly hidden. What are the simple tricks that keep it safely out of sight?

Here are five tricks that gives the illusion of a flat belly:

Vibrant colour and striking florals work like stylish camouflage, making any flaws invisible. Consider how flamboyant slipcovers or wallpaper may conceal uneven cushions or blemishes on a wall. See this gown for inspiration.

A chic and simple approach to covering up your belly is with loose, flowing gowns that fall over your midsection. Note that there is a distinction between flowy and baggy. Look for gowns with elegant draping, sculpted necklines, and pleated or ruched accents.

Check out this gown on Jumia.

Going monochromatic is a basic strategy for creating a sleek, extended look that conceals your stomach. Tops and bottoms should be the same or comparable colours, such as black, grey, or navy. When you generate a column of colour, it appears as one continuous line, making you appear taller and slimmer.

High-waisted jeans are ideal for concealing the stomach while emphasising the waist. They highlight the narrowest region of your torso, resulting in an hourglass look.

When selecting high-waisted trousers, look for versions with extra tailoring in the stomach area or have them cut to fit exactly. Wide-leg jeans are also effective at balancing the figure and making the stomach appear smaller.

Do not be scared to wear a v-neck. This inverted triangle form draws attention to your neck and collarbones, giving the illusion of a flatter stomach. See this cute v-neck top.

Nothing gives you a thinner waist like a belt or rope that breaks the middle region of your stomach and makes you appear slimmer.

A jacket is a perfect cover-up if you want to give the illusion of a flat stomach, but you have to make sure the jacket isn't tight. Check out this blazer.


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