You know what they say about tough men becoming like adorable poodles around the ones they love?

That’s just the exact thing you’ll see with John Cena everytime he is with Nikki Bella, his new fiancee.

Though Bella is a tough woman in her own right [she’s a Wrestlemania star, people!] but that does not stop her man, John Cena, from giving her the tender loving and cuddly affection every woman deserves.

The couple’s romantic adventure has reached a beautiful point after John proposed to her on Sunday, April 2, 2017 saying the following words… " I said, “‘I only have one question.’ You said, ‘What is it?’

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“'Do you know one day I'm going to marry you? And you said, 'Yes.'"

Of course she sweetly said yes, leaning in for a brief session of toe-curling french kissing in the ring, and sending the 70000 fans present into ecstatic delirium.

In celebration of that love, check out the gallery below for 12 of the cutest pictures of the couple together.