Healthy eating and lifestyle aint meant for grownups alone, children are totally not left out, and its incredible how this mum gets her son to eat healthy, even it means going artistic.

Vegetables are generally boring set of food, especially if you have to take them in as they are. You literally have to force yourself to take them and not opt for something else, that's if you have to take them as a matter of fact. But hey, who says they should remain boring?

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Food expert, Laleh Mohmedi started getting creative with her four-year-old son's (Jacob) meal about two years ago. She currently runs an Instagram account with 88,000 followers exhibiting her food art every now and then.

Mohmedi who always prepares her son's meal decided to spice things up a bit when she started her food art. According to her, "It all started off when I made my son a lion just for a bit of fun and he absolutely loved it, and so it progressed from there."

Thanks to her friends who encouraged her to post a photo of the lion on social media. That was the start of Jacob's Food Diaries.

Mohmedi uses her son's favourite cartoon characters, ranging from princess Elsa, Kermit the frog, Scar of Lion king and all others to create this meal, which makes it all the more interesting for him to take in.

It's amazing how well she pays attention to details in her works, from the cartoon's character hair strands, to their face details to their outfits. Really incredible.

Her creations has not only earned her the ability to feed healthy, but has helped her gain the trust of other parents who also want to feed their children healthy. She runs healthy food workshops for them and also works as a food stylist in a good number of restaurants.

Healthy eating can be pretty much interesting, just a find a way to make that happen and boom, you'll find yourself looking forward to it more often. Adding more colours to  meal makes it more captivating and food art, just like any other method you employ in getting this done, makes meal times a little more fun.