Will he show up? Will he ghost?

That has been the question on everybody’s lips as the official version of Wizkid’s ‘Come Closer’ which featured Drake dropped.

And the question was fully answered; Drake did not show up.

This is the second outing for both stars who ruled 2016 with the phenomenal ‘One Dance’, breaking every possible streaming records in the process. On Spotify, they gathered over a billion streams, the highest any artist has ever pulled off in the streaming age.

The song was earlier leaked in the year, but it was mopped up from the internet by Sony Music who owned the copyright of the song.

The official version has been made public, and there’s just a little difference between the leaked version and this new one. It has been cleaned, mixed and mastered right. But its form and arrangement is still intact.

‘Come Closer’ is Drake repaying the professional favor that Wizkid did, and he repaid it in full. The video for the song which was released on Friday, April 7, 2017, has no sign of the pop star. Wizkid held down proceedings alone, surrounded by voluptuous African women who rocked traditional fabrics woven into urban wears.

“Came into the game, no one replace me/Mi love mine and she straight with no chaser/I love my guys, know mi all about mi paper/Mi got mi girls all around me, mi no chaser, yah/Starboy, call me number one/When mi tune drop, the girls, they bounce along/Mi no like nothing come between me and mi paper/So when mi come inna di place, mi undertaker,” he rhymes.

Drake’s absence was clearly obvious as his verse had no one to mime it., except Wizkid, who handled it admirably. “Too mix up in drama to go outside/Too mix up in drama to free my mind/Jealous people around me, I need to change my life/I just turn colder every time I try/What would I do without you, my chargi?/I don’t feel that way with anybody/Tell me your secrets, I’m not messy/Steady it for me, girl, hold steady,” Drakes spits.

This is not new between the stars. Drake’s video for ‘One Dance’ which was shot in Africa (Cape Town, South Africa) had Wizkid missing from the set, with no official reason shared with the public. But his was less conspicuous due to the robust storytelling in the video.

Drake has a history of not showing up in videos. He did it to Future with "Tony Montana," Migos with "Versace," and Fetty Wap with the "My Way" remix. He hopped on all those songs and refused to show up to shoot the respective videos. Wizkid is just the latest.

UPDATE: Wizkid has responded. In 2016, the singer was absent during Drake’s video shoot for ‘One Dance’, and failed to make the final cut. And according to some section of fans, it was payback time.

Wizkid has responded. Replying a fan, he said: “Had a family emergency during ‘One Dance’ video shoot, and Drake was on tour when we did ‘Come Closer’. No bad blood, one love still” He tweeted.

The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before Pulse got this screenshot of it.