Wizkids domestic affairs have been in the news recently with his first and second baby mamas accusing of parental neglect.

While accusations have been strong, the public cannot deny that Wizkid has been very involved in the life of his third son Zion and his mother Jada Pollock who also doubles as his manager.

This has got people wondering why Wizkid is in constant contact with Jada and Zion and absent in the lives of his first two songs according to the accusations.

Here are three reasons why we believe Wizkid is Team Zion.

1. He Loves Them

Maybe Wizkid has found love with Jada Pollock and he is willing to make this relationship work. After being a bachelor for so long, maybe Jada is the one for him. Also, this time around Wizkid might just want to be more present in the life of his third son because of the love he has for him and his mother. It is obvious that Wizkid loves his third son and is down with this third baby mama.

2. Turning a new leaf

Why is Wizkid showing love to Zion, his third son? Maybe Wizkid has decided to turn a new leaf and be a a better father. The relationships with his first two baby mamas are complicated and might take a while for it to untangle. For now it seems his relationship with Jada is the smoothest of all so he is using it as an advantage to be with Zion.

3. Business affiliation

Jada Pollock's relationship apparently started on a business note with Wizkid before it blossomed into a relationship that led to them having a child together. However, that relationship will continue to exist as long as Wizkid remains loyal and stays committed to the care of their son.

According to The Daily Star and West London Living they referred to Jada Pollock as a highly acclaimed image guru. We all know what that means, Jada Pollock knows how to clean the dirt of celebrities and make them look good in the public eye. His relationship with Jada Pollock will not just bring in more business deals but make him remain an "icon" in the eyes of many.