Two Indian teenage girls who were accused of being witches and causing havoc in their community, were forced to eat human waste as their punishment.

The Worldwide Weird News report the police have arrested three men in connection with the inhuman treatment of the girls and they are being charges with assault after allegedly forcing five people, including two teens, to eat human waste.

According to the police investigation, a tribal court ordered that the heads of eight people accused of practicing witchcraft, be shaved.

Five of them were beaten and forced to eat human waste.

The teen victims' names were given as Jhunu Behera, 19 and 18-year-old Amar Behera, while the others were 70-year-old Mohan Sahu, 48-year-old Dandapani Behera, 35-year-old Kartik Behera, 28-year-old Keuta Behera, 23-year-old Subash Behera and 20-year-old Sushma Behera.