To have a bestie of the opposite sex, especially while in a relationship has always been a polarizing, scandal-creating controversial issue.

And if its long history is anything to go by, it is unlikely that it will stop being a problem for lovers even in generations to come.

While an opinion piece here advises against such relationship for the unneeded drama it often brings to relationships, Tiwa Savage and Wizkid’s bestie relationship has added another layer to the conversation; some extra context to what we already have and know.

Tiwa Savage and Wizkid say they are nothing but besties, in spite of all the scenes we’ve seen them in, the wild pool of opinions they’ve stirred and all the media circus they’ve created in recent memory - most especially with the release of the music video for Wizkid's "Fever."

There are elements of true friendship to be gleaned from what they are doing. What’s a friend for if they are not coming through and collaborating with you to do great things in your career? What’s a bestie for if they are not congratulating you, egging you on to be more and pushing and helping you to do more? We see all that in Tiwa and Wizzy, two huge superstars combining star power to a lot of productive, millions-spinning effect. And we love that about the pair.

However, when held up as an example, Tiwa and Wizkid also look to be painting the very picture that makes people really scared when their partners have a close friend of the opposite sex.

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Let’s quickly mention here that no one, certainly not this writer, can tell Wizkid and Tiwa what to do with their feelings or how to live their lives. Afterall, these are two mature adults and in fact, parents and on-top-of-the-world celebs. The fact that none of them is in a known romantic relationship at the time of those occurrences, and even at the time of publishing this piece makes it really unwise to judge any of them as if they were.

Regardless, all the sex-tinted things going on between them make the pair’s friendship the type that no one wants their partner to have -  at least, the type that people will be mad uncomfortable if their partner had.

It is really unlikely that we’d have seen this much of their bestie-ship if they weren’t celebs [who need to constantly orchestrate the maddest PR moves in order to sell records and remain firmly in the conversation and stay relevant.]

But we are seeing it and for people who already do not like their partners having besties of the opposite sex, Tiwa and Wizkid, especially after all that palpable sexual energy they displayed on “Fever”, must have provided them one more excuse for why their partners should not have besties of the opposite sex.

Also, those who would normally have no qualms about such arrangement would have likely had [more than] a moment of doubt where their liberal and openminded views on the issue was shaken, rattled to the core.

But here’s the certainty in all of this: whether or not your friend has a bestie of the opposite sex, they would cheat or respect you and refrain from doing so if they choose to.

So, to let your partner keep that bestie, even though this writer has strong reservations about it, is a choice that can be made at your own discretion and nothing else.