Not for nothing was it said that you’re what you eat: This is absolutely true when it comes to your skin.

As a matter of fact, each food you eat has the potential to benefit or harm your skin. For example, fruits and veggies rich in antioxidant vitamins do not only aid in keeping the skin smooth and supple, they also help your liver detoxify more efficiently to prevent breakouts on your skin.

However, it is underlying causes of skin conditions are different for each person, but is also important to note that there’s one common denominator for everyone- your diet.

Here are five unbelievable foods that are bad for your skin

1.    Packaged and processed foods

Apart from the fact that processed and packaged foods aren’t good for your skin, nutritionists do advise that they should be avoided because, during processing, living enzymes and nutrients are broken down and lost.

Studies have shown that diets high in such foods almost always demonstrate nutritional deficiencies, and such deficiencies always show up in the skin.

And unlike fruits and vegetables, packaged foods frequently have low water content; making it unable to assist skin detoxification as well as regulating oil production.

Packaged and processed foods

2.    Wheat

As surprising as it sounds, studies have shown that it is what it is. Modern day wheat, which is the common strain of what we eat today, is said to have a different chemical makeup than the wheat that was consumed decades ago.

As a matter of fact, our version of wheat is suspected to be higher in gluten and phytic acid, which makes it harder to digest.

And even when it comes to whole grain bread and pasta, most are still ‘cut’ with white flour, rather than made with fresh, stone-ground whole wheat; of course, white flour is unhealthy and not good for your skin.

3.    Juice and soda

Everybody knows that most juices are just sugar delivery vehicles, with many packing as much as a soda.

But what is unknown to most people is that their lack of fiber makes them unhealthy for your skin.

However, it is important to note that fiber is essential for preventing blood sugar swings that prematurely age skin. Without it, wrinkles are expected to follow.

 Juice and soda

4.    Candy

Candy is becoming heavy in our culture, and with it, adolescence has also become synonymous with pimples.

As a matter of fact, recent studies have shown in countries where diets are not heavy in processed sugar, kids go through puberty without acne.

It is, however, important to note that even if you're well out of your teen years, this finding is a pretty good indication that candies and other sugary stuff may be the culprit for your adult breakouts.

And for the record, sugar also degrades collagen and elastin, the proteins that keep skin soft, supple, and springy.

5.    Alcohol

Although red wine is actually a good source of antioxidants, it still doesn’t take away the fact that when it comes to acne and anti-aging, alcohol is worse for your skin.

Studies have confirmed that alcohol is high in sugar, which spikes blood sugar levels and contributes to aging by depleting collagen. It is also dehydrating, which prevents your skin from retaining moisture and can cause dark circles around your eyes.