Our relationships are vital to our emotional stability. Hence the need to understand how to handle the special people in our lives.

Here is what horoscope.com has to say about your love life this week.

Aries: Are you anxious about dating early in the week? A good thing to remember is that the person sitting across from you is probably just as nervous - or more - than you are. Take a deep breath and relax. This is supposed to be fun, remember? You have a lot of people on your side if an ex tries to drag your name though the mud later in the week. If he or she can't prove it, it's just meaningless gossip.

Taurus: The start of the week is a good time to delve in deep. When you meet someone new, don't waste time on chitchat. If you want to know if you're compatible, ask the most meaningful questions you can think of. Topics like religion, children, and politics shouldn't be taboo. A lot of jokes go over your head later in the week, but it isn't because you're trying to be obtuse. You just aren't yourself when you're around an attractive stranger.

Gemini: There are dating situations you just don't get at the start of the week, but asking questions doesn't seem to get you anywhere. When honesty is in short supply, use your intuition to decide what's true and what isn't. Your actions are being very closely examined later in the week, perhaps by someone you asked out, their friends, or even family members. Don't worry. You should pass any test with flying colors.

Cancer: Are you feeling shy and reserved at the start of the week? Your inhibition can make it hard to meet new people, so it's probably best to postpone attending any mixers, networking events, or other types of parties. You'd much rather talk one on one than compete with a roomful of witty banter. You'd love to talk shop on a date later in the week, but your technical jargon might be too much. When all else fails, flirt!

Leo: You're very into looks, flash, and flair at the beginning of the week, and there's nothing wrong with that if you're just looking for a fling. Why even go through the pretense of exchanging contact info when you know you aren't going to see each other again? You're attracted to someone mysterious later in the week, but their elusiveness could become frustrating. You either have the patience for high-maintenance types or you don't.

Virgo: You should definitely chase quality over quantity during the first part of the week. Even if you only get to spend one minute with someone you really like, it's better than an hour with someone you don't care much about. You have a lot going on in your life in the middle of the week, and the pressure of your busy schedule shows more than you know. If someone offers to help you relieve some of the tension, why not accept?

Libra: What is it you can't let go of? An issue from the past is weighing you down in the beginning of the week, and it may be keeping you from starting a relationship with someone new. Sooner or later you're going to have to forgive yourself. A platonic relationship has the potential to become romantic at the end of the week. While it will probably take some getting used to, it could be a true love match.

Scorpio: What's keeping you from pursuing someone you really want to be with? Even if there are all kinds of blockades in your way, your determination should help you break through them. A situation you thought was only a fantasy has a chance of happening in real life over the weekend. But are you sure you want it to? Be careful what you ask for. Once you get it, it might not be what you envisioned.

Sagittarius: What you have isn't as important as who you are. If you have a strong urge to impress someone with your bling at the start of the week, keep in mind that flash hardly ever lives up to substance. Your job or hobby keeps you away from the dating scene over the weekend, which leaves you with a nagging feeling that you might have missed out on something. You still have time to reschedule a date you had to cancel.

Capricorn: You love to put 100 percent effort into everything you do, but your love life needs to progress naturally. Try not to stress out over a dating to-do list in the first part of the week. If things happen, that's great. If they don't, it probably wasn't mean to be. You have lovely visions of what you'd like your love life to be like, but are you overreaching just a bit? The weekend delivers a solid dose of reality.

Aquarius: You have a quick wit, but you don't have to show it off in dating situations. Using big words and hard to read innuendo will do more to turn a date off than on. Your looks may get you a first date over the weekend, but you have to be more of the total package in order to clinch a second one! Make sure your story from the past has a purpose before you tell it.

Pisces: When you look at the whole view of your love life in the beginning of the week, what's wrong with the picture? If you're too close to the details, ask someone far outside the frame for an opinion. You love to be appreciated for all of the little touches you add to everyday life, so giving you a compliment is the best way to get you to say yes to a date with someone new. You're cute when you blush!