The former Sub-Dean, who is also a pastor at a local branch of Foursquare Gospel Church, was caught on camera attempting to force himself on a journalist who posed as a 17-year-old admission-seeker. In the 53-minute documentary, several current and former students of UNILAG claimed to have been sexually abused or harassed by him.

They alleged that Dr. Boniface would appear very friendly and pose as a father figure. Hiding behind the guise of a pastor in church, he would prey on struggling students who are very vulnerable and pretend to help them through their stay in school.

During the “prayer” sessions in his office, the girls alleged that he would try to grope or dry hump them, and in that moment they would realise his true nature and intentions. Sadly, failure to comply would affect their exam results, including their chances of graduating. UNILAG authorities confirmed that Dr Igbenehue has been suspended and have further dissociated the institution from the lecturer’s actions, stating that there's a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment.

They further confirmed that the ‘Cold Room’ where lecturers get intimate with students has been shut down. In addition, Foursquare Gospel Church has asked Igbeneghu to step down from all ministerial assignments. Describing the act as heinous, the church has dissociated itself from his misconduct, and promised to take appropriate measures as soon as an ongoing investigation is concluded.

The sex-for-grade scandal has attracted a lot of attention from many Nigerians on social media who have applauded the documentary and affirmed that the act is commonplace in almost all of the country's tertiary institutions. Tell us what you think in the comments below.