The Delta State born actress was among the host of entertainers that meet with President Goodluck Jonathan in Lagos yesterday.

Ufuoma Ejenobor posted a photo of herself and President Jonathan at the meeting on Instagram, captioning the photo with the harshtags "#mypresident #2019." She however got a lot of criticism and harsh comments on Instagram for posting the photo.

The actress in another post addressed the issue, reiterating her support for the president and also calling on people to respect each other’s political choices.

“Ehen! I can see that MY choice is giving a few thumb itch. I've had decent people who support Gen Buhari leave decent messages about their choice.#NaUnaUnderstand respectingTheRightsOfOthers As for a few (there are a few) ewus who still need flogging, please grow up and read your rules here:#DoNotInsultMe At least not on this my page.#DoNotInsultAnyCommentatorHere#DoNotInsultAnyOfThePoliticalCandidates If you won't leave a respectful comment irrespective of your choice then just #WakaPass. I've left comments without being silly on other people's page. YOU HAVE A RIGHT...BUT THEN SO DO I. I've had enough of the insinuations. If you support Tinubu, you want change. If you support GEJ. .. especially if you are known, then you don take "national cake". That hog wash should be left on your own page o. This administration has done tonnes for my industry and even if I haven't personally partaken in the human capacity building or grants, I'd be lying to say it doesn't exist. I owe only myself this explanation sef. Once again, #MyPresident #IHaveDecided#GEJTill2019 #MakePeaceWithYourself#MakeYourOwnDecision #NigeriaGoSurvive#WeAreOne #LetUsBuildNigeriaTogether,” the actress wrote on Instagram.

Another Nollywood star, Okey Bakassi joined in the support for President Goodluck Jonatha.

“I'm 100% with you. GEJ is my man for 2015,” the funny man wrote in the comment section of Ufuoma Ejenobor’s post.