British heavyweight boxer

On Wednesday, October 3, the Fury was on the popular Breakfast Club radio show where he talked about the upcoming fight.

Also in the interview, he discussed his addiction troubles, mental health and Anthony Joshua.

1. Calls Anthony Joshua a ‘weightlifting bum’

As expected, F was mentioned in the interview and the Brit was harsh from the get-go.

“Anthony Joshua is a weightlifting bum,” Fury said before adding; "Anthony Joshua and Wilder, if they ever fought, Wilder would knock him out in the first four rounds.”

“The easiest fight in the world for me is AJ, he would not fight me, he would not fight Wilder,” Fury added.

2. Wilder made him lose weight

In the interview, Fury revealed that it was a video of Wilder ridiculing him that forced him to lose weight.

“I Lost 135 pounds. Deontay Wilder made me do this,” Fury said.

“He said I was too fat. A lot of people said I will never, never return. I had mental health problems, alcohol issues, addiction to drugs everything you can think off, I did it.”

“Then I saw a little video he made. ‘Tyson Fury is finished’. We will never never see him again’.”

According to Fury, it took him six months to lose weight. I trained three times a day, strict diet,” he said.

3.  Mental health issues, alcohol and drug addictions

Fury fell hard from grace, vacating the WBA, WBO, IBO heavyweight titles in October 2016 after he was charged by the UK Anti-Doping ‘with the presence of a prohibited substance’.

His boxing licence was subsequently suspended making him take a long break from boxing.

In the Breakfast Club interview, Fury said he needed time off boxing and that was when his addiction kicked in.

“I need a time off. I have been boxing from 10, 11 years old. I needed time to live a little life and enjoy myself,” Fury said.

“I always suffered from depression, when I was on top of the world it became more and more depressed until it became suicidal.

“I don’t know why it happened, I had money, fame, glory, good looks. Everything a man wants. I wanted to die on a daily basis.

“Mental health is the biggest battle I have fought more than any opponent. I don’t know what made me depressed. Only thing I thought to do was getting drunk. Only medical advice can help it I sought medical advice.”

4. Prediction for the fight against Wilder

When asked to predict the outcome of his fight against Wilder, Fury said he would either knock his American opponent out in the first round or win on points after 12 rounds.

“This fight can go to ways. I can either knock him out in the first round or win on points. or it could be a late stoppage,” Fury said.

“Only way he can win is by knockout and anyone can be knocked out in the heavyweight.”

5.  Floyd Mayweather

There have been reports that Floyd Mayweather will return to the ring again to face Manny Pacquiao whom he beat in a big fight in May 2015.

When asked about the fight. Fury said Mayweather would win if the bout happens.

“Floyd is a great fighter. Best ever is a hard thing to say but unbelievable talent and unbelievable everything. Great all round, great business. Got it all,” Fury said.

“Does he beat Pacquiao again, easy. Pacquiao is finished.”